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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 17
 First Date Outfit for Women Quiz
Here is the quiz: First date outfit for women! First dates are thrilling, but you want to look your best. Rather than rummaging through your closet for hours, consider which outfit best matches your first date personality. It can be both nerve-racking and exciting, making a great outfit all the more important to feel as confident as possible. This quiz will help you figure it out!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite outdoor activity?

A. Hiking

B. Swimming

C. Biking

2. What is your favorite self-care activity?

A. Go for a walk

B. Retail therapy!

C. Make a cup of coffee and watch a movie

3. What's the most romantic?

A. Sunset kissing

B. Dancing at night in the moonlight

C. Going for a hike early in the morning

4. Are you more introverted or outgoing?

A. More introverted

B. More outgoing

C. It depends on my mood

5. Which of the following best describes your style?

A. Very casual

B. Straight out of a romantic comedy

C. Rock concert

6. Which date sounds best to you?

A. Baking together

B. A picnic

C. Playing video games

7. Which location sounds the most romantic?

A. Bali

B. Dublin

C. Paris

8. What do you expect from a first date?

A. A kiss

B. A long-term relationship

C. A future partner

9. What is your favorite meal to order on a first date?

A. Sushi

B. Pizza

C. Anything really

10. What do you expect to find when you arrive at a 'hangout' with a crush?

A. Wine and chocolate

B. A movie theater setup and popcorn made

C. A meal prepared at home

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