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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 5002
Finding Out If I Am Ready To Date Again Quiz
The dating game can be quite intimidating especially if you haven’t been successful with retaining any of your previous dates at all. It could also be that you have been single for a very long time and has just grown bored of having one-night stands and waking up alone and lonely every day. You also have to consider the fact that being single also means doing everything yourself with no help and real feelings of having someone who really cares about you.  So, are you ready to date again? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you think you will gain from entering a relationship once again?

A. No much

B. More wisdom

C. More food

D. You don't know

2. Do you have special requirement for your potential dates?

A. They have to look presentable

B. They have to tell the truth about themselves

C. They have to have a sense of humor

D. They have to drink alcoholrn

3. Do you wish you could rekindle with an old date again?

A. Yes.

B. Absolutely not

C. No, because once it's over, it's over

D. No, too boring

4. Have you had the urge to get married and start a family lately?

A. Yes

B. Yes, and mother nature has everything to do with it

C. No

D. No, no way. You are not into children at all

5. What do you miss the most about a person’s presence?

A. The conversation

B. The cuddling

C. The laughter

D. Not muchrn

6. What would you give away to be able to date again?

A. Your freedom

B. A little bit of your time

C. All of your money because at this point you are desperate

D. Nothing

7. Are you sometimes nervous about meeting someone new?

A. Yes, it's only natural

B. Yes, because you are just too stupid to realize that it's the same thing all the time

C. No.

D. No, been there, done that

8. For how long have you been single?

A. A few months

B. A week

C. A day

D. Years

9. What have you learned about being single?

A. Nothing

B. That life is better when alone

C. That you miss being in love

D. That you never want to be alone againrn

10. Do you ever feel lonely?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Yes, and you would like things to change

D. No, and you know it will change somedayrn

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