When Will I Have Sex Quiz

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When Will I Have Sex Quiz
Of course, it will happen, but when? You can keep speculating when it happens like many others, but the truth is no one knows for sure. It will happen sooner or later, but the wait makes it unbearable, and the curiosity keeps increasing. The only way to know the possibility of having sex is by taking this ''when will I have sex quiz''. This will tell you when your next sex session will happen with 99.9% accuracy. Ready?

Questions Excerpt

1. What should your next sex be like?

A. Unplanned sex in the middle of the day

B. Outdoor sex to spice things up

C. Wild and romantic at the same time

2. Which of these have you fantasized about?

A. Bondage

B. Group sex

C. Not interested

3. What do you think about an open relationship?

A. I prefer a monogamous one

B. Sounds okay for me

C. I've never thought of this

4. Which is the worst post-sex pet peeves?

A. When they ask if I came

B. When they refuse to kiss

C. When they want to cuddle

5. What’s your relationship status?

A. Define ‘’relationship’’

B. In a relationship

C. I used to have one, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

6. Which of the following actions will you take beforehand?

A. Buy condoms

B. Getting ready for the show

C. Light candles and create a romantic atmosphere

7. On a scale of 1-3, 3 being the best, how much of a priority is sex in your life?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

8. How many sexual partners have you had so far?

A. Zilch

B. 1-10

C. More than 10

9. Do you have good flirting skills?

A. I'm a master at flirting

B. Blushing all the time, I’m horrendous

C. Kind of

10. How soon do you want to have sex?

A. I didn't decide yet

B. Wouldn't be bad if it was soon

C. This week

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