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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1426
Does My Mom Hate Me quiz
Let's do a quick test. When did you last talk with her? Was it yesterday? A week before? Or more than a month ago, I bet so. It's not time passing that separates you from your mom. It is the distance of emotions. Have you ever felt like your mother hates you? Do you think she is mad at you, doesn’t care about you, and never will? Take this ‘Does my mom hate me’ quiz to see how it goes between you two!rn

Questions Excerpt

1. How much support do you get from your mom?

A. A lot, but I instead do things alone.

B. None, she thinks I am not worth it.

C. Only helps me financially.

2. Have you ever found your mother tapping into your social media accounts to see whom you were 'talking' to?

A. She has never admitted it, but I know she has.

B. Never, because she wouldn't even know how to.

C. I don't think she doesn't care.

3. Would your mother reject you as a son or daughter?

A. Yes.

B. Sometimes.

C. No.

4. Does your mother treat you disrespectfully when you make decisions about your own life?

A. rn Yes, it’s so frustrating.

B. Yes but, I think she tries to protect me deep down.

C. No, she’s quite respectful that I grew up on my own.

5. Do you think that she is fair enough?

A. Sometimes, yeah.

B. Not a little bit.

C. Yes, she is a very fair mum.

6. How much quality time do you spend with your mom?

A. All the time, we’re so close.

B. Rarely.

C. Never.

7. Why do you and your mom argue so often?

A. She drinks too much and becomes aggressive.

B. She calls me every 20 minutes on the dot.

C. She is always away when I need her.

8. Does your mother try to foster a fun atmosphere in the home most of the time?

A. Fun atmosphere? I don’t think so!

B. Just sometimes.

C. Yes, she tries her best!

9. You're planning to introduce your new partner to your mother. What will happen when she meets him?

A. She'll welcome them, but later she'll tell you her real thoughts about your partner.

B. She enumerates her criticisms of your partner after the meeting, using them as examples to convince your father that you need to date someone else.

C. She'll act like a strict parent for no reason.

10. Does your mother insult you?

A. Yes. 

B. Never.

C. Sometimes.

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