Does My Husband Take Me for Granted Quiz

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Does My Husband Take Me for Granted Quiz
Does my husband take me for granted? Since the question has arisen, maybe you are experiencing rudeness or indifference from your husband. Or perhaps it's just in your head!rnFamily life consists of not only sex and love but also mutual respect. So, if you are not feeling respected enough, take this quiz and find out if your husband is taking you for granted.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he usually discuss with you his expenditures? (e.g., before purchasing an expensive product)

A. Yes, you always discuss your family budget

B. Yes, if it is about a really expensive thing, like a house or car

C. No, besides family budget each of us has a separate budget

D. No, he never discusses

2. Is he usually asking your opinion before making decisions concerning the family.

A. Yes, he usually does.

B. Yes, but not always!

C. It depends! And, I don’t mind him making the decisions independently.

D. No, he never asks

3. Whenever you cook for him, he…

A. He appreciates you generously

B. He won’t praise me as such, but he washes the dishes after the meal

C. Promises to cook next time

D. Says nothing

4. When he has to stay at work longer, he…

A. Calls you immediately to inform

B. Excuses after coming home late

C. Invites you somewhere to hang out

D. Does nothing / He is disinterested to even talk about it.

5. After sex, your husband usually...

A. Tells how much he loves you

B. He needs his space, and so do I

C. Makes/brings you something to eat/drink

D. Falls asleep immediately

6. When your husband’s friends ask him to meet them on the weekend, but you have plans, he…

A. Arranges the meeting with friends on another weekend

B. Arranges your date on another day

C. He will take me along with him to meet his friends

D. He goes out with his friends

7. Whenever you argue, your husband…

A. Brings chocolate and flowers

B. He will argue at first, but then try to mollify me

C. Suggests to calm down and discuss the situation

D. Waits for an apology from you

8. Who is responsible for the apartment cleaning?

A. My husband

B. We share the responsibilities

C. We hire someone to clean the apartment

D. Always me!

9. If your husband is going out somewhere by car, does he ask if you need a lift?

A. Always asks

B. Sometimes he does

C. No, and I don’t expect it either. I can drive myself!

D. Never asks

10. When introducing you to the new group of people, your husband...

A. Introduces you to his friends

B. Will make you comfortable and introduce his friends to you

C. Makes a joke before starting introduction

D. He asks you to get acquainted with his friends by yourself

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