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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 80 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Does My Husband Appreciate Me?
An important part of marriage is making sure that your partner feels noticed and appreciated. Acknowledging everything that your spouse does can strengthen the bond between you and make your relationship stronger than ever before. Whether your husband uses words of affirmation or does nice things for you, there are many ways for him to show how much he values your presence in his life.Are you getting the recognition you deserve from your husband? Do you feel respected and cherished in your marriage? Take this ‘does my husband appreciate me’ quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Has your husband ever sent you flowers or surprised you with a nice gesture?

A. Sometimes, but I wish he would more often

B. He always does things like that

C. He has never done something like that for me

2. What do you think your husband would do if you left for the weekend on a trip?

A. He would be overwhelmed with responsibilities

B. He would probably look forward to some alone time 

C. He would be supportive as he always wants me to have a good time

3. If you were sick and in bed, what would your husband do to make you feel better?

A. He would tend to my every need to make sure I was comfortable 

B. He wouldn’t do anything, I would have to take care of myself

C. He might get me some medicine and let me take a nap

4. How does your husband let you know that he appreciates you?

A. He tells me with words

B. He shows me with actions

C. I don’t think he appreciates me 

5. Does your husband tell you he loves you?

A. He tells me every day 

B. He tells me every now and then

C. He has stopped telling me he loves me

6. Do you feel appreciated by your husband?

A. No, I do not feel appreciated

B. Yes, I feel wholly appreciated

C. I’m not entirely sure 

7. How often does your husband say “thank you” to you?

A.  Never

B. On occasion

C. All the time

8. Do you feel your relationship has what it takes to last forever?

A. Yes, I believe that we have a solid marriage

B. Sometimes I’m not really sure

C. No, I have my doubts about our marriage

9. Does your husband pay close attention and listen when you are telling him something?

A. Yes, he has excellent listening skills

B. He does alright

C.  No, he doesn’t pay any attention when I speak 

10. After an argument, what does your husband do to make things right?

A. He keeps his distance for days 

B. He apologizes even when he’s not in the wrong

C. He pretends like nothing ever happened

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