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10 Questions | Updated: Feb 21, 2023
 Does My Fianc� Love Me Quiz?

Since you are here to take this quiz, perhaps your fiance isn’t showing love the way he should or maybe you are overthinking.

Honestly, only he can tell whether he loves you truly or not. Nonetheless, there are certain unmistakable signs which will help you determine his feelings for you. 

So, take the ‘Does my Fiance Love Me Quiz’ before asking your partner directly and see whether your relationship blossoms into marriage.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you profess your love for each other?

A. All the time

B. Sometimes

C. Don’t remember the last time we did

2. Do you talk about marriage?

A. Yes, we have made honeymoon plans too

B. Seldom, it will happen eventually

C. No

3. Do you celebrate each other’s birthdays and special occasions?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes, we have our separate friend circle

C. No/We are in a long-distance relationship

4. Does he pamper you?

A. Yes, he does

B. Only when I ask him to

C. No, he never pays any attention to my requirements

5. Do you share a healthy physical relationship?

A. Yes, we do

B. Sometimes, only when he wants it

C. Unfortunately, no

6. Does he listen to your problems?

A. Yes, he is a good listener

B. We discuss his problems only

C. No, he is a very busy man

7. Does he support you in all your decisions?

A. Yes, I have his support in anything I do

B. He does try to intervene sometimes

C. No, he wants me to follow his advice at all times

8. Is he comfortable kissing you in public?

A. Yes

B. He feels a bit uncomfortable

C. No, I don’t remember the last time we kissed

9. Is he eager to start a family with you?

A. Yes, we keep talking

B. It is hard to tell

C. No, we don’t discuss

10. Have you planned your future?

A. Yes, we have made plans for our future

B. They are his plans

C. No, we haven’t

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