Does My Child Have a Mental Illness Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 218
Does My Child Have a Mental Illness Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you close to your child?

A. Yes, I am

B. I am trying, but they refuse to let me in

C. I am too close

D. I think we have a co-dependent relationship

2. Has your child ever poorly performed in an exam and bounced back strongly the next time?

A. No, they have never

B. Yes, it happens often

C. Sometimes

D. Rarely

3. How quickly does your child make friends in school or surroundings?

A. In a jiffy

B. It takes ages

C. About a week

D. I am their only friend

4. How is your child doing in school or college?

A. Consistently well

B. Average

C. Below average

D. Poorly

5. How is your child’s appetite?

A. Healthy and normal

B. Much less or much more than before

C. The eating schedule is inconsistent, but they are healthy

D. They are incredibly picky

6. How does your child behave in a social situation?

A. Extremely uncomfortable

B. Over-involved/ Isolated

C. Decently

D. They have never been a trouble maker

7. Is your child of an aggressive nature?

A. Yes, extremely

B. Not aggressive, just sincere and passionate

C. They can get wild really quickly

D. They are quite civilized

8. Is your child quirky?

A. Yes, but their quirks are fun

B. Yes, but they seem to be damaging their personality

C. No, they are still growing

D. Not, they are extremely carefree

9. Do you think you may have neglected your child in times they needed you?

A. Yes, I think I have

B. No, I have been obsessing over them

C. I never intended to

D. I may have

10. Has your child ever talked about being bullied?

A. No, they haven’t

B. They have

C. They tell me almost every day

D. Sometime back, but we took care of it

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