Does He Need Space or Is It Over Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 312
Does He Need Space or Is It Over Quiz

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he still talk to you like before?

A. Not really, but we keep in touch

B. No, he barely sees me

C. Yes, he tries his best

2. Do you still make plans with your relationship?

A. Well, once in a while

B. No, not once do we speak about our relationship

C. Yes, very often

3. How often do you hear from him in a day?

A. Just about twice

B. Never, sometimes I don’t hear from him in weeks

C. A lot, actually

4. Does your partner apologize and try to make it up to you for missing an important meeting?

A. Sometimes

B. No

C. Yes, all the time

5. Does he give you excuses when you want to meet?

A. Yes, but genuine ones, and I understand

B. Yes, flimsy ones

C. No

6. Does he talk about you to his friends?

A. We have a handful of mutual friends

B. No, I don’t know any of his friends

C. Yes, a lot actually

7. Does he try to make things complicated and start an argument?

A. No, just occasionally when we argue

B. Yes, all the time

C. No, very scare arguments

8. Do you feel he does things to make you back off?

A. No, he always apologizes when he’s rude

B. Yes, anytime we talk to tries to hurt my feelings

C. No, not at all

9. Do you ever agree on one thing?

A. Yes, a couple of times

B. No, we are always on opposite ends

C. Yes, we have a lot of similarities

10. Do you feel there’s any future for the relationship?

A. Well, we’re still talking about it

B. No, it’s a bleak future

C. Yes, a bright future

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