Do You Make Good Travel Companions Quiz?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 477
 Do You Make Good Travel Companions Quiz?

Questions Excerpt

1. It has been announced your flight has been delayed. What is your reaction?

A. We'll be spending time together anyway, so why feel bothered?

B. It happens - no worries.

C. Really?

D. Oh, no, we're stuck together again!

2. What is traveling for you two?

A. A way to enjoy life and create beautiful memories

B. Something you do to relax

C. Nothing special

D. A source of stress

3. Can you imagine yourselves traveling with two young children?

A. Yes, we love challenges

B. Yes, it does happen at some moment in life

C. Not really, it must be tough

D. No, it would be an ordeal!

4. Are you OK with your partner’s spending habits during travels?

A. Yes, he or she is rational

B. Mostly yes

C. I wish they bought less souvenirs

D. No, because they always spend money on overpriced and useless items

5. What preparations do you make for a special travel?

A. Packing some sexy lingerie

B. Packing some sexy lingerie

C. Helping my partner to make their luggage so they don't forget anything

D. Just the usual

6. When choosing a travel destination, do your preferences match?

A. Every time

B. Most times

C. Sometimes

D. Rarely

7. Your partner wants to go backpacking for a couple of months. What is your reaction?

A. Wait for me, I'm coming!

B. Wait until I work out my professional situation

C. Are you sure this is a good idea?

D. Are you crazy?

8. Your partner gets ill during a trip. What do you do?

A. Ask for local help immediately

B. Google their symptoms

C. Give them a pill and a hot tea

D. I feel overwhelmed actually

9. How long have you been with your partner?

A. More than 10 years

B. 5-7 Years

C. 2-5 Years

D. 1 year or less

10. Does your travel planning style match with each other?

A. Absolutely

B. Mostly

C. We find a mid way

D. No

11. You would prefer your partner to be....

A. A spontaneous traveler

B. A good planner

C. A relaxed traveler

D. You have not thought about it

12. How similar is your travel energy?

A. Energetic and active always

B. You are active, they are lazy

C. You are lazy, they are active

D. You both are relaxed

13. Why do you both travel together?

A. To make good memories

B. To explore more food

C. To explore the world with your partner

D. Because you like a good vacation

14. You have a long flight ahead. How will you spend your time?

A. Talking about anything - as long as we are together we can never get bored

B. Making friends among our neighbors

C. Watching a movie

D. Feeling bored and ignoring each other

15. Are you two on schedule?

A. O'clock is my favorite word

B. Yes, most times

C. People can wait five minutes

D. You have no idea how many times we have missed flights

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