Do You Know How To Compromise In Your Relationship?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 220
Do You Know How To Compromise In Your Relationship?
To learn to compromise means a lot in a relationship. We have to remember that once we enter into one, we have to leave 50% of our selfishness at the door, otherwise, the relationship will never get the chance to survive. You've got to remember that this is about love and that love is about respecting each other and most of all sacrifice. You can't enter a relationship with the ambition to intoxicate someone else, because nothing will work this way. So, are you able to compromise in your relationship? If yes, take our quiz right away.

Questions Excerpt

1. Who is the first one to say sorry after an argument in a relationship?

A. You.

B. Your partner.

C. None of you.

D. You both do it.

2. What do you normally fight about?

A. Money.

B. The kids.

C. Nothing.

D. Everything.

3. Who initiates fights in your relationship?

A. You.

B. Your partner.

C. Nobody.

D. People from the outside.

4. What do you think you should get rid of when you enter a relationship?

A. Your pride.

B. Your cheating ways.

C. Your lies.

D. Everything negative.

5. How do you feel after you compromise with your partner?

A. You don't know how to describe it.

B. Better.

C. Defeated

D. Weak.

6. Do you both hold up to your promises?

A. Yes, of course.

B. Yes, because you love each other.

C. Yes, because that's what keeps the relationship alive and growing.

D. Not all the time, but sometimes.

7. Do you think you can keep a secret?

A. Yes, of course.

B. Sometimes.

C. It depends on the secret.

D. It depends on what you get from being silent.

8. Does your partner mean everything to you?

A. Yes, of course.

B. Only when then they behave.

C. Only when they give you something.

D. No, you mean everything to yourself.

9. Do you think you've gained more than you've lost in your relationship?

A. Yes.

B. Option 2


D. Option 3


F. Option 5


10. How many times have you said sorry to your partner?

A. You say it all the time.

B. Every once in a while.

C. Sometimes.

D. You are too proud to say sorry.

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