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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 94
Do You And Your Partner Accept Each Otheru2019s Influence Quiz
Being in a relationship is one thing but accepting one another for a long period of time is another thing. And then, couples also have to deal with the way each other’s behavior affects them individually. It is, in fact, true that some people’s influence is either negative or positive to our lives. The tragedy is that most people don’t even realize the effects that a good or a bad partner may have on them. So, do you think you and your partner accept each other’s influence? Take our quiz and find out for yourself.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you think your partner could try and sabotage you one day?

A. You are afraid that it might be true

B. You doubt it

C. Maybe

D. Not a chance

2. How effective is your partner at having you listen to them?

A. Very effective

B. Moderately effective

C. You listen only when you want to

D. They are not that effective

3. How many times have you clashed with your partner concerning not listening to their advice?

A. Several times

B. All the time

C. Sometimes

D. Never

4. What is the best advice your lover ever gave you?

A. To trust in your instinct

B. To listen to him

C. To follow your dreams

D. None

5. How has your lover impacted on you?

A. Positively

B. They've pushed you to come out of your bubble

C. They've pushed you to open your own business

D. They've done nothing good for you

6. Do you consider your lover as toxic?

A. Yes, very

B. Yes, but only when they are drunk

C. Only when they are angry

D. No, not at all

7. Do you think you have become a better person thanks to your partner?

A. You doubt it

B. Yes, absolutely

C. Maybe

D. No

8. Do you think you’ve had a positive impact on your lover’s life?

A. Yes, of course

B. That's what you tell yourself all the time

C. You hope you did

D. Yes

9. Does your partner listen to you?

A. Always

B. Sometimes

C. Only after sex

D. Never

10. Are you competitive with your partner?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. You can think of a few times when it actually did happen

D. No

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