Do I Treat My Boyfriend Badly Quiz

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Do I Treat My Boyfriend Badly Quiz
If this thought is troubling you, perhaps you realize that you are not treating him right. At the same time, you may be overthinking, and it's all in your head. Take this quiz to determine if you treat your boyfriend right and free yourself from the lingering worries. How do you know if you are treating your boyfriend right? Are there certain things you should be doi…” with “Do I treat my boyfriend badly? If this thought is troubling you, perhaps you realize that you are no…

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you give your boyfriend enough attention?

A. I think I do.

B. Most of the time. But we also have times where we are both just sitting there busy with our phones.

C. He makes comments sometimes about me always being busy or always being on my phone, but we are with each other, so it doesn’t matter.

D. I probably don’t give him enough attention now that I think about it.

2. Have others commented about how you treat your boyfriend?

A. People always tell him how lucky he is to have found me, and vice versa

B. Not really that I can think of

C. Sometimes. It depends on who you ask if they will say negative things or positive things.

D. People have told me that I don’t treat him as well as I should

3. Does your boyfriend ever tell you that you should treat him better?

A. No, he always appreciates me

B. Not that I can think of

C. Maybe once or twice

D. Yes, many times

4. Do you show affection towards your boyfriend regularly?

A. All the time

B. More often than not

C. Sometimes

D. Rarely

5. Are you always honest with your boyfriend, even if you know it might cause a fight?

A. Yes, I always try to be honest

B. Most of the time, unless I feel like he would be really upset

C. Sometimes, I do avoid saying certain things because I don’t want to fight

D. I am not a very open person, so it is hard for me always to be honest with how I am feeling

6. Do you feel like you always have to point out what he is doing wrong?

A. No, I try not to do that unless it is a huge issue

B. Sometimes, I feel like it is important for him to know so he can change those things

C. I think I can be overly critical of him at times

D. I can’t help but point out every little thing he does wrong. That’s just how I am

7. Do you willingly open up to your boyfriend about your feelings?

A. Yes, I am always open about how I am feeling

B. Most of the time, I do

C. Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don’t feel comfortable telling him when he upsets me because I don’t want to argue

D. I have a hard time opening up and often keep my feelings to myself

8. Do you and your partner spend time with your friends/family individually?

A. Yes, we definitely have our separate lives, and we both respect that.

B. We do, but probably not as often as we should.

C. Sometimes we go out separately, but it usually ends in an argument. That is probably why we don’t do it that much.

D. I hate it when he doesn’t take me along when he is meeting his friends or family. I definitely want to be there with him!

9. Are you compassionate and caring when your boyfriend is going through a rough time?

A. I always try to be supportive and be there for my boyfriend when he really needs it.

B. I am caring and compassionate, but not all of the time.

C. I usually just tell him to get over it; guys aren’t supposed to be emotional.

D. Most of the time, I feel like the things he is upset about are small things, and he is just overreacting.

10. What kind of person are you when you and your boyfriend argue?

A. I try to listen and compromise as much as I can without it affecting my stance

B. I usually don’t say much and agree with him eventually so that the fight will stop

C. I am the person who always has to have the last word. I am like that!

D. I get pretty aggressive during arguments and even threaten to break up with him sometimes.

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