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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 461 | Updated: Mar 23, 2022
 Do I Have An Inferiority Complex Quiz?
There are various complexes of mankind. The lowest of them is the inferior complexes. Your self esteem and how you think of yourself is somewhat linked to the complex you associate with. While there are existing varying complexes, many people do not know which category they belong to, regardless of the attributes they exhibit. Complexes exert a powerful but unconscious impact on the behavioral attitude of persons. Do I have an inferiority complex quiz will reveal which kind of complex you belong to.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do people understand you as much as you wish they did?

A. People always misconstrue my thoughts

B. People often understand me

C. People seldom understand my thoughts

2. What ideal describes you?

A. I am an optimist

B. I am a pessimist

C. I’m an optimist in exceptional cases

3. Do you think you have any fundamental flaws?

A. I’m impeccable

B. I think I do have a lot

C. I have flaws but they’re limited

4. How will you describe your actions to people?

A. My actions are seldom incomprehensible

B. People often find me incomprehensible

C. Sometimes, I think they find my actions okay

5. Do you think you have a lot of advantages?

A. Yes, a lot

B. In unique situations

C. No

6. Do people underestimate you?

A. Not at all

B. I think I revive a fair share of underestimation

C. Yes, all the time

7. The demands that life set before me exceeded my capabilities:

A. Seldom

B. Sometimes

C. Often

8. Are you often satisfied with yourself?

A. Often times

B. Sometimes

C. Seldom

9. Do you believe that you have enough for your future?

A. Yes

B. In different ways

C. No

10. Do you feel unaccomplished if your works or crafts aren’t properly recognized?

A. No, it’s something I can’t relate

B. Sometimes I do

C. All the time

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