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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 209 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Couple Quizzes About Each Other
After being together for a while, it is always fun to see what your partner truly knows about you. This way you can tell if they really care about you, if they pay attention to what you say or if they are simply faking or careless. Take a chance and try to complete our quiz with your partner and see if you are really connected after spending all this time together or if you are simply wasting your time.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you spend time around one another do you often drink to feel comfortable?

A. Yes, it makes people more relaxed around one another

B. Yes, but it’s more because you like drinking

C. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t

D. You are often too nervous to do so

2. Do you refer to your partner’s favorite color when looking for a gift?

A. Yes, all the time

B. Sometimes

C. No, because you don’t remember their favorite color

D. No, you’d rather call and ask more questions than taking the risk

3. Do you think you know your partner’s taste when it comes to food?

A. Yes

B. Not really

C. You think so

D. Just a little bit

4. Are you worried when you forget calling your partner during the day?

A. Yes, because of how it might end up being interpreted

B. Yes, because you think about what they might be doing

C. Not really

D. No, not at all

5. Do you think your partner is faithful?

A. Yes, you have no doubts about it

B. Yes, but you have your doubts

C. You are not sure

D. No, and you’ve got proof

6. Do you trust your partner with your deepest secrets?

A. Yes, of course

B. Sometimes

C. It depends on the secret

D. No, not really

7. Do you have respect for each other?

A. Yes, a alot

B. Not so much

C. You think so

D. No

8. Are you supportive of your partner?

A. Yes, very much

B. You do as much as you can even if sometimes it’s not viewed as enough

C. Sometimes, when really necessary

D. To be honest, not really

9. Do you often fight with your partner?

A. Yes, perhaps too much

B. Sometimes

C. A few time during the month because that’s what couples do

D. Not really, and if it happens it’s never big fights

10. Do you enjoy your sex life together?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. It depends on when it’s actually good

D. Not really, there’s nothing special about it

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