Can Your Relationship Survive Christmas?

10 Questions
Can Your Relationship Survive Christmas?
Many new relationships end a short while after the winter holidays – if you give it a thought, it has probably happened to you too. The thing is Christmas can put enormous pressure and expectations on people. Although it is a celebration of love and the marking of a new beginning, we tend to have huge expectations from Christmas due to its depiction in popular culture and the media. Families are Read more supposed to come together and have a wonderful and loving time, and you have to find the perfect gift for everyone . Of course you are also expected to have a lot of fun in the meanwhile. Tough, isn’t it? This quiz will tell you if you can manage the holiday season in an effective manner and not let your relationship be affected by it. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. How are preparations for Christmas in your case?

A. I get help from the entire family and don't allow this to stress me

B. I leave everything to the last minute, it's not such a big deal

C. I do everything myself because I like to be in control

D. I am dreaded at the idea of having to please everyone

2. How do you plan your activities for Christmas?

A. Loosely, I like to be spontaneous about it

B. I discuss activity ideas with everyone

C. I argue a lot with my partner

D. I simply have things the way I want them

3. How stressed are you at the idea that Christmas is coming?

A. No stress whatsoever, I look forward to it

B. A little but it's not a pain

C. Moderately, it's a work in progress

D. Very stressed

4. How does Christmas time with the extended family look like?

A. We try to make the best of it and avoid hot topics

B. We tolerate each other somehow

C. Everybody pretends they're happy

D. We end up rowing because of old family tensions

5. What are your buying present habits?

A. We talk about the budget and agree on a suitable amount of money

B. We blow a lot of money

C. We buy presents without admitting how much they cost

D. Each one buys their own presents because we are clueless about the partner's preferences

6. The Christmas evening doesn’t come out as you had expected. What is your reaction?

A. Accept graciously and forget about it without much of a fuss

B. I am a little disappointed but I get over it in a few days

C. I pretend I am fine but in fact I am ready to explode

D. I get into an argument with my partner because they are to blame for this

7. How is a talk between you and your partner about the upcoming holiday season?

A. Relaxed with a sense of pleasant anticipation

B. Funny, it all sounds like a big party

C. Tensed, everything seems in disorder

D. It usually ends up in a fight

8. Your partner buys you a silly present for Christmas. How do you react?

A. Enjoy the gift

B. Feel a bit disappointed

C. Tell them I expect the real gift soon

D. Show my anger and disappointment and bring back hot topics from the past

9. You want to spend Christmas at home, but your partner has a completely different plan. What do you choose?

A. I consider their idea this year - maybe I can enjoy something different this time

B. I try to find a way to compromise

C. I tell them this is not my habit

D. I get very angry about it and feel annoyed with the situation

10.  What do you think first when you hear Christmas?

A. Doing something special as a couple

B. Spending time with family and friends

C. Visiting all the family around the country

D. Avoiding the in-laws

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