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10 Questions | Updated: Mar 29, 2023
 Are Your Insecurities Turning You Into a Clingy Girlfriend Quiz?

A clingy girlfriend is a serious problem—and a massive turnoff. That not only makes you unattractive, it also alienates your partner.

Are you the clingy type? Are you the girlfriend that gets upset if your partner doesn't text you every five seconds? Do you freak out if s/he's a few minutes late to meet up? Does it make you nervous when you're not in contact with them and s/he's "too busy" to talk? Do you get wrapped up in their personal life, wanting to know all about their friends and family members?

Think your insecurities are turning you into a clingy girlfriend? Think again. Here is the ‘Are Your Insecurities Turning You Into a Clingy Girlfriend Quiz’ and find out more.

Questions Excerpt

1. Your partner leaves their phone on the bed and their Instagram account logged on. So, what would you do?

A. It's not my place to look at someone else's Instagram—and I don't need to go snooping through their phone

B. I would look at their Instagram DMs, of course

C. I probably wouldn't do anything or touch their phone, because I wouldn't want to see anything that would make me uncomfortable or upset

2. Have you ever felt jealous of your partner's close friends?

A. Sometimes. I'm open-minded, but I have my limits

B. I've felt jealous of my partner's close friends before, but it's never lasted long

C. I have never felt jealous of my partner's close friends. I know that they are all great people, and it makes me happy to see them all get along so well

3. How often do you discuss your plans for marriage?

A. I don't talk about marriage at all

B. I talk about it occasionally, but not every day

C. I bring it up when s/he does, but not if s/he doesn't want to discuss it

4. Have you ever been cheated on, and what do you think about cheating in general?

A. I have never been cheated on, but I do guess what it feels like to be cheated on. It's hurtful and it hurts the trust between two people. If you're going to cheat, it's better to just end the relationship rather than lie about it

B. I've been cheated on. I think it's the worst thing that can happen in a relationship, and I think it's even worse when you're the cheater

C. I think cheating should be accepted as an option. Sometimes a person may find themselves attracted to someone else or have the desire to explore their sexuality outside of their primary relationship

5. Your partner hasn’t replied to your text message and it's been a couple of hours. What are you going to do about it?

A. First, I'd send another text, asking if s/he got the first one. Then, I'd call to see if s/he's still busy. Lastly, I'd leave him a voicemail asking if everything is okay

B. I'd text and call my partner constantly, even when they're ignoring you

C. I'd send a follow-up text to make sure they got it, and also ask them to let me know if they don't want to hang out tonight

6. Do you give your partner enough personal space?

A. Yes

B. Somehow

C. Not at all

7. Are you completely willing to drop everything for the chance to spend time with them?

A. Tyes, I am completely willing to drop everything for the chance to spend time with them

B. No, I don’t think so, but maybe sometimes it seems like it

C. It depends on how important it is to me, but no matter what, I always want to make sure they are happy and comfortable in our relationship when we are together

8. Are you the type of person who likes to be reassured often?

A. Yeah, but not too much

B. It depends on the situation and how much reassurance I need at that time

C. No, I'm not the type of person who likes to be reassured often

9. Do you expect them to put you first, even at the expense of their own priorities?

A. Yes, I expect them to put me first and do everything I say without question. When they don't, I become angry and yell at them until they agree to do whatever it is I want them to do

B. No, I don't expect anyone to put me first—that's not how the world works. People are selfish and only care about themselves, so if someone puts me first, it's because they want something from me

C. It depends on what their priorities are at the moment. If they've been very selfish lately and have been putting themselves first all day long, then no—I don't expect them to put me first at all

10. If your partner tells you that s/he’ll be hanging out with their friends, what do you usually do?

A. I’d feel a little sad, but I wouldn’t want to make my partner feel bad about hanging out with their friends

B. I would be okay with it

C. I would feel rejected, like my partner didn't want to spend time with me. Probably I'd ask them if you can come with them

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