Are You Working Hard To Surprise Your Partner?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 15
Are You Working Hard To Surprise Your Partner?
Everybody knows that surprises only make the relationship steamier and worth continuing. The truth is, surprises are an indication of how much someone means to another person. The great thing is there are so  many ways that you can go for when you want to impress your lover, like a gift or simply something new to help spice up the relationship. So, how hard are you working to surprise your partner? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you think is the best surprise one can make to a woman?

A. Detective and martial artist, you fight criminals like Batman.

B. Taking her out to dinner to an expensive restaurant

C. Offering her some expensive lingerie

D. Taking her to a favorite holiday destination

2. What do you think is the biggest surprise one can make to a man?

A. Beer

B. His favorite car

C. Some cash

D. His favorite meal

3. How many times a year should you surprise your partner?

A. At least once

B. At least twice

C. At least 12 times

D. Why bother?

4. Do you think having people involved with your surprise is always a good idea?

A. Yes

B. No. You can only imagine how embarrassing it could be

C. Yes, because it announces a party atmosphere

D. No, because people don't like it in general

5. Who do you normally refer to when you want ideas about how to surprise your partner?

A. His/her mother

B. His/her brother

C. His/her best friend

D. Nobody

6. What type of surprises do you think people hate having?

A. Just flowers

B. Just the night together

C. Just a great announcement

D. Just the boudin from Louisiana you said you liked so much

7. How would you react of your partner didn't like your surprise at all?

A. You'll be devastated

B. You'll be amused

C. You'll be shocked but only for a few minutes

D. Life goes on, so it won't be a big deal

8. If your partner was rich, what do you think would please them as a surprise?

A. A new car

B. Their dream house

C. Their favorite perfumes

D. Tickets to an unknown destination

9. Who do you think are the least receptive when it comes to surprises, men or women?

A. Men, because they're never happy

B. Women, because they're never satisfied

C. Pretentious people, because they think they are all that

D. You've got no idea

10. Why do you like making surprises to your partner?

A. Because you love them

B. Because you want them to see you as a special person.

C. Because you want the relationship to last

D. You don't really like making surprises

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