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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 12 | Updated: Mar 08, 2022
Are You Empowered in Your Relationship Quiz
To be empowered is to share equal or similar authority compared to your partner. It affords you the liberty to live independently, devoid of any form of intrusion or control from your partner over you. Taking this quiz will allow you to ascertain whether you’re empowered in your relationship or not. �Are you empowered in your relationship’ quiz will set the tone to how you treat your partner moving forward.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you feel the weight of the whole world on your own?

A. Most of the time

B. Not often

C. Not at all

2. How often do you feel the need to improve on yourself?

A. Very often

B. Quite often

C. I seldom feel the need to change things

3. Would you say you feel free to speak your mind?

A. My views aren’t forced, I say them when I want

B. Not quite, as I’m sometimes swayed by my partner

C. My limitations are extreme

4. Does your partner know and respect your boundaries?

A. My partner gets involved with my permission

B. My partner gets involved with or without my permission

C. My permission doesn’t matter

5. How often are your decision making skills challenged?

A. Never

B. Sometimes

C. Very often

6. How often are you entrusted with a task in the relationship?

A. I always perform tasks for the two of us

B. Sometimes but they doubt me

C. I have never acted for the both of us ever

7. What’s your level of confidence in your relationship?

A. It’s at an all time high

B. It's average

C. It's way below average

8. How often do you two undertake shared responsibilities?

A. They're all shared equally

B. Not so often

C. Seldom

9. Would you say you’ve lost your identity?

A. No I haven't

B. Somehow, I think

C. Yes, ever since I became part of this relationship

10. How often do you two practice open and honest communication?

A. Very often

B. It's not consistent

C. It barely happen

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