Are You A Happy Wife?

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Are You A Happy Wife?
People say that marriages are a group effort. That it takes two to make things work, which makes sense. But a great wife can help her husband achieve great things by being a great support. Other than that, she must also be happy because traditionally, she’s the one raising kids, responsible for the kitchen, and protecting the family. So, how happy are you as a wife? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you often make time for yourself, as a wife?

A. Yes, but it's only when you are able to save up enough money.

B. Yes, once a week.

C. Yes, once every 6 months.

D. You barely can because your family always seems to need you.

2. What are the two most important roles of a wife?

A. Cook and clean

B. Obey and smile

C. Support and give advice

D. Anything that has to do with improving other's lives.

3. Do you think a wife should be the most financially responsible one in the marriage?

A. Yes, because it is well-known that women are more financially stable.

B. Yes, because at least she won't waste her financial resources on gambling.

C. Yes, because at least things will get done on time without her ever complaining.

D. No, because they normally make less money than their husbands.

4. What are the 3 best qualities of a wife?

A. Loyalty, sincerity, and loving.

B. Patience, outspoken, faithfulness

C. Caring, smiling, and availability.

D. Healer, caregiver, and loving.

5. What are the 3 worst flaws of a wife?

A. Greed, lack of communication, and selfishness

B. Poverty, lack of education, and greed.

C. Too smart, too outspoken, and too involved.

D. Bossy, self-entitled, and excessive whining.

6. Do you think you are born as wife material?

A. No, because you learn to become a good wife.

B. No, your mother is supposed to prepare you for that.

C. Yes, especially if you have a legacy of good housewives in your family.

D. Yes, otherwise some women wouldn't accept to be wives, right?

7. Should a wife be submissive or think more independently?

A. She should be submissive if she wants a successful marriage.

B. No, otherwise the man will not respect her.

C. She should be submissive as a way to protect herself.

D. No, because we're in the 21st century and women have equal rights, even in marriage.

8. Should a wife go to work or stay at home?

A. She should stay at home to take care of her family.

B. She should stay at home and work from home.

C. She shouldn't because she should look for opportunities too.

D. She shouldn't because she is not a maid.

9. Do you think a wife should be superficial in order to please her husband?

A. Yes, because that's the type of women men like

B. No, because women should shine in other ways

C. No, because it would suggest that she has nothing in her brain.

D. Yes, because she should be free to be who she wants to be.

10. Do you think that a wife should fight her husband when she doesn’t agree with him?

A. No, because that's not being civil at all.

B. Yes, because she is equal to her husband.

C. No, because she could be wrong.

D. No, because it always escalates things.

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