Quiz: Am I Wasting My Time On Her?

10 Questions
Quiz: Am I Wasting My Time On Her?

If you are thinking, “am I wasting my time on her?” then this quiz will help you discover the depths of this question. When we invest time into someone and don’t receive the same investment back then, we start worrying. But with patience and time, things get better, and we see the relationship blooming vibrantly.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your partner always help you in times of need?

A. Yes, she does

B. As much as she can

C. Whenever she wants

2. Does your partner trust you with you being there for her when she needs you?

A. For sure

B. Not always

C. As much as I can offer

3. Do you get along with each other’s family and friends?

A. Yes, we both do

B. She does, but I don’t

C. I do, but she doesn’t

4. Can you talk to each other about almost anything?

A. Pretty much

B. No, we can’t

C. We are getting there

5. Do you listen to each other's worries and help release anxiety?

A. She does, but I don’t

B. I listen, but she doesn’t

C. We are good listeners

6. Who takes care of the household responsibilities?

A. I do

B. We both do

C. She does

7. How often do you argue about the same issue?

A. Quite often

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

8. Have you or your partner ever cheated on each other?

A. Yes, we both have

B. I have, but she hasn’t

C. She has, but I haven’t

9. Do you see a future with each other?

A. Yes, we do

B. No, we don’t

C. I do, but she doesn’t

10. How often do you feel that you are investing more time in the relationship than your partner?

A. Almost everyday

B. Sometimes

C. I think I don’t invest too much time in the relationship

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