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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 48
Am I in a Controlling Relationship
Do you know what a controlling relationship is? This is a type of relationship wherein your partner will tell you what to do. If there are some things that your partner will not agree with, you will be forced to do what your partner wants. You may be wondering, “Am I in a controlling relationship?” The fact that you are asking this question might mean that you feel that you are in a controlling relationship. The other possibility is you want to make sure that your relationship is healthy. You may allow yourself to get controlled by the person that you love. Get to know more about the type of relationship that you have right now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Who normally makes the decision regarding where your relationship would go?

A. It would depend on the situation

B. My partner

C. I am the one who normally makes the decision

2. Who do you think is always right?

A. We both make mistakes but we try our best to make it work

B. My partner

C. I am the one who is always right

3. Does your partner get angry when you have contradicting ideas?

A. Not really. My partner would try to listen and also reason out

B. Yes

C. My partner wouldn’t dare try

4. Who normally has control over the course of the relationship?

A. It would depend on what the needed decisions are

B. My partner

C. I would control what will happen next

5. Who will usually speak up?

A. Whoever knows more about what needs to be spoken about

B. My partner

C. I speak up about things a lot

6. Who usually starts fights?

A. Fights usually do not just start out of nowhere or for no reason so it would depend on the reason

B. My partner

C. I do

7. Who normally has to solve the problems in the relationship?

A. We equally make an effort to solve the problems in the relationship

B. I do

C. My partner tries to compromise

8. Who is more scary when angry?

A. I feel like we can both be scary at some point

B. My partner is really scary

C. I am scary

9. Do you think that one of you is more charismatic?

A. It would depend on what or who would need charisma

B. My partner is definitely more charismatic

C. I am more charismatic

10. Who usually has the last say in the relationship?

A. It can be either of us

B. My partner

C. Myself

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