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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 494 | Updated: Mar 22, 2022
 Am I High Maintenance in a Relationship Quiz?
In a relationship, what kind of partner are you? Are you the kind that has a taste for stuff and stringent standards, or does anything work? Does your partner always alert you about your high maintenance lifestyle, or do you find yourself asking, ‘Am I high maintenance in a relationship?’ Take this quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Who picks places for dates?

A. I do. I like the high-end places

B. We decide, and it has to meet our budget

C. I don’t mind wherever works

2. Are you ever early to a function?

A. No, I need to arrive late to catch attention

B. Yes, all the time

C. Depends on traffic situations, but I try to be early

3. What do you think of homemade dinners?

A. I prefer to eat out, but if it’s homemade, the ingredients have to be exotic

B. Yes, it saves us some money

C. Don’t mind, once it’s good

4. How would you prefer to celebrate an event like birthdays?

A. Days unending at a fancy hotel

B. Just a few drinks and friends at a lowkey place

C. Party all day!

5. How often would you change your wardrobe?

A. Every six months should be okay

B. I don’t like to change as long as it’s still in good condition

C. I don’t care as long as what I have looks good

6. How good is your skincare collection?

A. Top of the class, expensive

B. I get one that suits my skin, it doesn’t matter the price

C. Any good one goes

7. Do you ever use public transport?

A. Never

B. When there’s no other option

C. Yes, why not

8. Who does most of the chores at home?

A. My Parents

B. I do, mostly

C. We split it up

9. How picky are you with food?

A. Very picky

B. Unless I’m allergic, I won’t eat it

C. I don’t really mind eating most things

10. Do you love posting social media pictures?

A. Yes, I need to show my class

B. I’m not really a social media person

C. I don’t mind posting it once a while

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