Am I a Bad Husband Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2471
Am I a Bad Husband Quiz
Marriage is a sacred bond between two people. But if you are at a point where you are wondering, “Am I a bad husband?” or “Is she unhappy with me?” then you have landed on the right page. We have designed this quiz for you to get some clarity in your marriage. Relationships are organic and need nurturing for you to turn a beautiful house into a welcoming home. If you want a safe space to give a thought to your marriage, take this quiz and take an advance.

Questions Excerpt

1. Your wife bought crystal glasses for both of you to share a good whiskey. How would you react to the purchase?

A. I would wash the glasses and pour us a drink

B. I would politely ask her to mind her expenses

C. I am most likely to not react

D. I get really angry when she buys expensive crockery

2. What do you do if your wife disagrees with your opinion?

A. I feel sad and disconnected

B. I try to explain my side to her

C. I really do not mind disagreements

D. This often leads to some heated quarrels

3. Do you share a good intimate relationship?

A. It is not the only aspect of our relationship

B. I hate to admit, but no

C. Sometimes, if we haven’t fought

D. I like BDSM, she does not, so I explore

4. Do you watch movies or TV series together?

A. I don’t like what she likes

B. That’s our biggest stress relief activity

C. Sometimes, but not everyday

D. The only thing we have watched together was our wedding video

5. You had a really bad day at work. How does your behaviour change at home?

A. I would just come home and take a nice long bath

B. I might take it out on her

C. I leave my work at our doorstep

D. I would walk straight into my room, and would not want to speak to anyone

6. Do you know your wife’s dreams and ambitions?

A. I have never really given it a thought

B. Yes, I do, and I support her

C. I have many other things to worry about

D. We have different dreams, but that’s alright

7. Have you ever cheated on your wife?

A. No, never

B. Once, but I shouldn’t have

C. Often, but I am not sorry

D. Not yet

8. What do you think about children?

A. We do not want to have babies

B. I do not want children, but she does

C. I want my children to carry my name forward

D. We love children

9. How do you behave around her parents?

A. We don’t pay regular visits but stay in touch

B. I don’t like it when she visits her parents

C. I don’t like my wife’s parents

D. I treat them as my own parents

10. Do you share the household chores?

A. Of course, we do

B. Thanks for the reminder

C. Not really

D. I hate housework

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