12 Crucial Tips To Find The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams

Tips To Find The Wedding Dress

When your lifelong sweetheart asks you to marry him, you, of course, say “yes” and then all this wedding buzz and fuss begin to surround you. Where to celebrate? Who will be the guests? What appetizers to order?… Oh gosh! However, all these concerns are nothing in comparison with the selection of a proper wedding dress for any bride on the planet! It is not as simple as to go to a bridal shop and buy the first available dress that you liked. It doesn’t work like that with wedding robes, as there are dozens of secrets on how to pick the most beautiful, interesting, and eye-bending attire.

Wedding dress hacks in aid of brides

We understand how important it is for you to look perfect on the most crucial day of your life when you decide to tie the knot with your soul mate. That is why breathe in and out several times and prepare to learn twelve essential and effective tips to help you choose the robe of your dreams.

1. “I want a unique dress!”

Today’s women prefer ordering “special” dresses from a tailor or designer to be sure they will never see a similar attire on some other girl. If you are one of such dedicated idealists and perfectionists, you’d better order your dress long before the happy day comes. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a difficult situation, as most salons charge a steep rush fee for urgent orders. Be ready to pay extra money or customize your robe 6-8 months prior the celebration.

2. Arrange your fittings

If you decide to buy a ready wedding attire, the best way to avoid the crowd and hustle in a salon is to make an appointment for fittings. The best time to arrange the meeting is on weekdays, at 2-3 p.m. Thus, you will surely have enough time and space to try on attires as well as get enough individual attention.

12 Crucial Tips To Find The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams

3. My super support team

Take your mom, sister, and friend with you to get valuable advice. Besides, you can ask your future mother-in-law to assist you in this difficult assignment. She will definitely be pleased to help you with it a lot!

4. Leave your make-up at home when going to the bridal salon

It is okay to do your hair, as it should fit the overall style of your dress. “The same is true for my make-up,” you might think. Yes, of course, dear bride! However, we guess you don’t want to smear a garment with your eyeshadows or lipstick, do you?

5. Your robe should fit the general tone of your celebration

You might feel uncomfortable when your high heels and a bouffant skirt make it difficult to move across the beach towards the ceremony place. To avoid any inconveniences of this kind, try thinking over all possible variants of robes. Choose an appropriate one to wear to the place where you are going to become spouses.

6. Secure yourself against any delivery troubles

For beauties who keep up with the times and order a wedding dress online, it is crucial to consider all possible losses and learn about the return policy. First, you need to place an order long before your special event is held because your attire can be delivered up to six months from the moment of purchase. Besides, there may be some other troubles concerning the quality of fabric, and some mess with the size; so, to be forewarned is an essential thing for most online buyers.

7. How many to try?

All girls are unique and have different choices and characters, so it is difficult to answer the question above. You may try on only three dresses, and the last one will be the attire you wanted all your life; you can overview a dozen of beautiful robes, and none of them will meet all your requirements.

12 Crucial Tips To Find The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams

8. In for a penny, in for a pound – corset won’t make you stout

As the task of selecting the proper robe for your special event will be accomplished long before the ceremony, watch your shapes and weight. You may gain some pounds or slenderize enormously during this period. All this can be reflected in your wedding look, and not in the best way. To avoid such problems, try a dress with a corset, and you will be perfect no matter how many kilos you gained or lost.

9. Try getting a veil for free

It might be a pleasant surprise to get a veil for free if a woman makes a big order at the bridal shop. The question is that to make a bridal veiling is not so difficult and expensive, but purchasing it singly isn’t a good idea, as it comes at a high markup. So, don’t lose a chance to get it as a free add-on to your dress.

10. List your dress’s “must-haves” on paper

Those who watched wedding shows might know recommendations of wedding counselors about the “wish list.” It is where you put your notes about the size, shape, fabric, and other aspects related to your future ceremonial look. this helps you and a bridal salon assistant to find a proper robe.

11. Cut the coat according to your cloth

In other words, you don’t have to go over the budget in search for the best dress. A cheaper garment doesn’t always mean a worse one. Determine how much money you can spend on your robe (consider investments of your parents in your look as well) and stick to this number when going to bridal shops or ordering a custom dress. Establishment of financial limits will free you from the unnecessary fittings of some expensive robes and will give you some extra time for preparations.

12. Let yourself fall in love with your dress

Trying to please everybody, you are in danger to choose a robe that you don’t even like. Stay unprovoked and follow the call of your heart!

Your wedding dress is the main attire of all your life, so let it fit your dreams with the help of these secret hacks! Make the process of selection more enjoyable and easier this way, and enjoy it to the fullest!

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