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    5 Ways to Look Attractive Years after Marriage

    Looking attractive and appealing is essential for a happy married life

    Either you are a newly-wed bride or a woman with the 30th anniversary coming up, looking attractive and appealing is essential for a happy married life. Women who often get reluctant about their appearance after giving birth to a baby have a hard time figuring out why their relationship lost the spark. They go into depression believing that it is because of the change in their body. However, that is not true in most cases. The actual problem lies in your attitude towards life that changes.

    Being motherly and working hard to raise your kids is definitely appreciable, but losing yourself and not taking time out for your self-care is not if you are aiming at creating a happy married life. If you want to live a healthy and happy married life with a husband who cares the same way as the day one of your relationship, working on yourself and making yourself look attractive is the key.

    Here are some of the easy and thoughtful ways you can maintain your attractiveness years after marriage too. So, read through for leaning to maintaining a healthy marriage and a super-attractive you!

    Extra facial care

    Your face is the most visible part of your body and taking extra care of it is essential. Nobody finds pigmented and acne-prone skin or yellow teeth. Skin and dental care stays of high importance no matter what age you are. Therefore, give your dentist and dermatologist regular visits to resolve such problems. If you need an acne treatment for your skin, do not delay it. Also, get your facial hair removed and make sure your face looks clean at all times.

    Good hygiene is attractive

    Would you ever like to cuddle a person who smells bad? I am sure you wouldn’t. Taking care of personal hygiene is the key to be more appealing to your partner. If your hair smells like coconuts and your skin looks clean, that is definitely the most attractive to any partner. Therefore, keep a scrub in your bathroom and exfoliate your entire body whenever you take bath. Also, make sure you shave regularly and wear new clothes on a daily basis.

    Good hygiene is attractive

    Surprise them with a change

    Change is always attractive and charming. It is a great way to add excitement and long-lost spark to your relationship. Now, how can you do that? You can do it by changing the way your hair looks. You can get your hair dyed to a color that your partner likes or you can get some hair transformation.

    Start making new hairstyles or change your style of wearing clothes. Add more colors to your wardrobe that are appealing to your partner. Bringing a new change in yourself will definitely draw your partner’s attention towards you and even promote better physical intimacy between you and your partner.

    Bringing a new change in yourself will definitely draw your partner’s attention towards you

    Buy the cologne you wore on your wedding day

    If you want your partner to restore the memories of your wedding day and the spark that was there, get your hands on the cologne that you wore that day. Get dressed up, wear the cologne, prepare a nice meal for them and surprise them.

    The atmosphere, the scent and everything will make your partner go back into the old days and he will begin to feel the same electricity and attraction towards you for sure. Keep that perfume with you and spray it on whenever you are with him.

    Smile more often with love towards them

    Giving your partner a warm smile is more attractive than anything in the world. They instantly get a message that you are very happy and satisfied with them. When they see you happy and smiling at them, they feel relieved because years after marriage both partners have a slight insecurity about the satisfaction of their other-halves. Giving them reassurance with a smile is the best thing you can do to make their day instantly. Plus, as we all know, happy women are the most beautiful!


    Emma Hanson is a mother of two, a skincare freak and an avid reader. She loves trying out new products and treatments for healthy and glowing skin. She shares her knowledge and experience by writing regularly on her blog. She is one of the co-founders of http://www.clearawayacne.com/.
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