Holiday Sex Tips

Holiday Sex Tips

Are you heading for some fun in the sun this holiday season? There’s no doubt that being on holiday is a fantastic aphrodisiac. There’s just something about getting away from it all that quickly turns things steamy. The hot sun, the sandy beaches, the exotic locales and cocktails on the beach all add up to the perfect setting for some balmy, erotic, unforgettable sex.

Try out the tips below to maximize your holiday pleasure and put some extra zing in your relationship.

Try Out Some Delicious Tropical Fruit

Humble fruit can become an out of this world sex toy with a little imagination. Take the time to feed each other some delicious strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi or mango. Eat them slowly from each other’s hands and take the time to lick up the juices – or eat them off any part of your partner’s body you can think of!

As well as providing a sensual feast, strawberries and kiwi will make going down on a female partner better than ever, while pineapple helps guys taste sweeter, giving you and your partner an exotic feast in more ways than one!

Take Your Time

One of the best bits about being on holiday is having more time on your hands – and that extends to your sex life too.

Make the most of not having to rush. Take time out for a long sensual bath together, or get some scented oil and give each other a long, attentive massage. Of course you might not be able to stop yourself from hurrying things along, but that’s another matter altogether!

Take the time to slowly explore every inch of each other’s body with your lips and tongue. The slow burn will make the pleasure even more intense, and you’ll discover sensitive spots that will take you both to new heights.

Chill Out

When temperatures rise on holiday there’s only one thing to do – chill out. Chances are the tropical vacation temperatures are making you both feel more than a little hot under the collar. It’s time to cool off, and we don’t mean with a cold shower.

Lock the door, get naked, and take turns to trail ice cubes all over each other’s body. The sensation of the trail of cool water against hot skin is quite unlike any other. Pack a glass dildo and let it rest in a bucket of ice water before use for a sensation you won’t forget. You’ll soon forget why you were trying to cool off in the first place but that’s ok – trust us, it will be worth it.

Try Something New

Holidays are the time for trying something new. New location, new food, new activities … the sense of adventure is in the air. Let that sense of curiosity and daring extend to your sex life for the hottest vacation yet.

Try Something New

Have you always wanted to try out handcuffs or blindfolds? Is there a position you’ve been meaning to try? Maybe you or your partner has a naughty role play scenario you’re just dying to indulge. Whatever it is, set aside time for it on your vacation.

Stuck for ideas? Spend some time before you leave looking up ideas online and agreeing on which ones you want to try. The sense of anticipation adds to the fun, and all that erotic talk will get you in the mood before your vacation even starts.

Make The Most Of Mornings

When you’re at home, evenings and weekends are usually the only times you can set aside for sex. But when you’re on vacation, you can enjoy each other any time you please, so why restrict yourselves to the evenings?

The end of the day when you’re tired from sightseeing and possibly a little tipsy isn’t the ideal time for long, passionate sex. Instead, why not start your day with something a little steamy? Order room service for breakfast, then hang out the do not disturb sign and start your day with some sightseeing of a different kind.

Go Alfresco

Vacations provide some great opportunities for mixing up your sex locations a bit! If you fancy sex on the beach, don’t risk getting sand in places you really don’t want to get sand. Instead, take a rug with you, or find yourselves a sun lounger to do the deed on. You’ll get all the thrill of sex on the sand, with none of the discomfort.

If your hotel room has a balcony, make use of it for some sexy fun! Perhaps you’ll find a secluded cove or pool where you can get down and dirty up against the rocks. Or why not hire a boat and take a sexy cruise all of your own?

Whatever you do, make sure you find a truly secluded spot  – you don’t want any awkward interruptions!

Vacations are the perfect time to spice up your sex life, try out those things you’ve always wanted to try, and take the time to really get to know what makes your partner tick. Make plenty of time for sex on your itinerary and make it a vacation you won’t want to forget.

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