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  • 15 Thanksgiving Ideas for Couples for a Memorable Holiday

    15 Thanksgiving ideas for couples for a memorable holiday

    It’s the holiday season, and that means a focus on family time. It’s great to gather with extended family and develop those relationships while celebrating everything we’re thankful for.

    But what about couple time? In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, sometimes our most intimate relationships can take a back seat to finding that perfect gift for granny or cooking a feast for double-digit visitors.

    This holiday season, be sure to steal away some time—just the two of you—so you can grow closer during this wonderful time of year.

    Here are 15 Thanksgiving ideas for couples for a memorable holiday-

    1. Plan Your Holiday Together

    If you’re used to just whipping out a list yourself and taking care of everything, this year do things a little differently. Take advantage of this planning session and make it into couple time. Your significant other will have some good input to make things even better this year.

    2. Shop Together

    You really shouldn’t have to brave the stores alone. They’ll be packed, so you definitely need the backup! Plus you can walk hand in hand as you pick out a turkey and all the fixings.

    3. Take a Walk through the Leaves

    Find a place with lots of trees where you can take a walk. It’ll be nice to get away from the excitement and stroll with your love. Stay warm by putting your arms around each other and maybe grabbing some hot cocoa.

    4. Go for a Drive

    If you live around some rolling hills, take an hour or two and just drive! Appreciate the fall colors, and maybe even stop to take a picture or two. Bring some snacks for a fun-filled afternoon.

    5. Prep the Food Together

    Head to the kitchen, turn on some music, and have some fun! Prep the bird, chop the veggies, and do everything you can ahead of time so you will have less to do on Thanksgiving day. This prep time will give you a chance to talk and decompress from your day as well.

    6. Sit By Each Other

    When Aunt Fern comes over, it doesn’t mean you quit acting like a couple. Sit by each other as often as possible, even secretly holding hands to make it more fun. The nearness will make you feel more connected as a couple. Sit by each other during the Thanksgiving meal, too, so you can play a little footsie.

    7. Steal Away for a few Minutes

    Amidst the craziness of a house full of guests, head to your room and cuddle on the bed and see where it leads. Just make sure to lock the door first.

    8. Look for Volunteer Opportunities to Do Together

    There are plenty of things you can do for others during this time of year. Talk to local charities and see if they need help serving food to the homeless, or if you can go shopping for gifts to donate. Make it a yearly tradition for you and your significant other.

    9. Go for a Romantic Carriage Ride

    Though it may be chilly, nothing is more romantic than getting bundled up and going for a carriage ride. You’ll ride while watching the twinkling lights above and hearing the clomp of horses’ hooves. Make sure to dress extra warm and bring a big blanket to share.

    10. Go Hot Tubbing

    Sooth your aching muscles and enjoy the romantic setting as you sit in the hot warmth of a hot tub. If you can, maybe even have a drink ready to make the evening more fun. Just remember to keep some extra towels nearby.

    11. Rent a Romantic Movie

    After all your guests are in bed, have a romantic movie ready to watch as you cuddle together. It’ll help you relax and get you in a romantic mood. Don’t forget the popcorn.

    12. Tell Each Other What You Are Thankful For

    Either when you’re at the Thanksgiving table or later on alone, express your love to each other. Explain what you are thankful for, specifically about each other. This is a time of year when our hearts turn to the important stuff in life, and our significant others definitely top the list. Don’t let the holiday pass by without saying it out loud.

    13. How About a Foot Rub?

    After a long day in the kitchen, you both deserve some extra loving care. Take turns giving each other foot rubs. You’ll definitely appreciate receiving, but you’ll also feel good about giving.

    14. Send Each Other Steamy/Humorous Texts

    Even if your honey is across the room trying to talk down Uncle Arnie, they will appreciate a little distraction in the form of a funny or sexy text.

    15. Break Out the Mistletoe Early

    It’s never too early to get a little holiday kissing underway. Linger under the mistletoe as long as possible for a more romantic holiday.

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