How to Save Your Marriage

A Novel Way to Fix Your Marriage

Are you tired of the fighting that constantly goes on in your marriage?  Fed up with the unending criticism, the …

By Raffi Bilek

Counselor, LCSWC| 3  min read

8 Easy Tips to Save your Marriage from Divorce

If your marriage is steering its way toward divorce, the last thing you want to do is just give up. …

4  min read

End the Fighting in Your Marriage

I constantly hear this same question: “My husband and I are at a point where the only way we know …

By Mary Kay Cocharo

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT| 2  min read

Applying Workplace Appreciation to Save Your Marriage

How long can you continue working at a job with unflinching dedication, sincerity and commitment and without adequate appreciation or …

By David McFadden

Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, LCPC, MSMFT, DMin| 2  min read

Common Mistakes Women Make in a Marriage

What is it about the whole “blame game”? It’s so easy to fall into this destructive habit and often as …

4  min read

How I Saved My Marriage From Divorce & You Can Too

You may feel as though you are well aligned with your partner and that things are good, but you may …

4  min read

How to Save Your Marriage When a Divorce Seems Imminent

No one wants to get divorced. Ending a marriage is hard on spouses as well as their family. Unfortunately, some …

2  min read

Make a List and Do These 3 Things To Save Your Marriage

When you find yourself at the threshold of being ready to end your marriage, it’s a horrible feeling. More than …

4  min read

How to Save Your Marriage from Divorce When It’s Heading South

The causes of divorce are many. These include infidelity, abuse, addiction, neglect, and abandonment to name a few.  Because of …

2  min read

Should you Save your Marriage if you Have an Abusive Husband?

Saving your troubled marriage is certainly not easy as a couple goes through endless ebbs and flows. Despite what many …

3  min read

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