Can a Marriage Survive Drug Addiction or Is It Too Late?

Can a Marriage Survive Drug Addiction or Is It Too Late

Drug addiction is an issue that needs to be addressed. It has in fact destroyed many relationships, marriages, and families where children are involved just because someone has been addicted to drugs.

What happens when you find yourself married to a drug addict? What happens when your dreams come falling apart just because of your spouse’s addiction?

Can a marriage survive drug addiction or is it too late to even try?

The effects of drug addiction

When you find yourself married to a drug addict, except that your life would turn upside down. The sad part about this is that most of the time, you don’t marry a person who is addicted to drugs. You marry a person who you see as the ideal person who you’ll spend your life with but what happens when that person becomes addicted to drugs?

What happens when your entire life suddenly turns upside down?

Do you hold on or do you turn your back and move on?

If you are on this situation, you might already be familiar with the following effects of drug addiction: 

1. You lose your partner

With drug addiction, you lose the person you married; you begin to lose the father of your children to drugs. In no time, you’ll see how your drug addicted spouse would drift apart from you and your family.

You’ll no longer see that person communicating with you or your children. Slowly, that person isolates himself with his or her own world of addiction. 

2. Drug addiction poses a great threat to your family

We all know the dangers of drug abuse and we may not be able to feel safe with the person who you think would protect you.

Living with someone who has become uncontrollable and unpredictable is one of the worst situations you can have for your children. 

3. Addiction drains your finances

Every person who is addicted to drugs will also most likely to drain your finances. Drug abuse isn’t cheap and the more that person gives in to the addiction, the more money it will involve. 

4. Effects of addiction on children

With drug addiction, is there anything good that your child will learn from this parent? Even at an early age, a child will already see the damaging effects of drug abuse and how it slowly destroys the once happy family that they have. 

5. Abuse in relationship

Abuse in the form of physical or emotional is another thing that is linked with people with drug dependency. Would you be able to live in a marriage where abuse is present? If not you, how about the safety of your children? The effects of physical and emotional abuse can cause a lifetime of trauma.

Can your family still survive?

Can your family still survive

Can a marriage survive drug addiction? Yes, it still can. While there are hopeless cases, there are also cases where there is still hope. The one deciding factor to know is if your spouse is committed to changing and getting help.

As our spouse, it’s just right to do our best to help our drug addicted partner and if our spouse agrees and accepts the reality that there is a problem, then this is their chance to stop and change.

There are, however, some important things to remember when it comes to saving a drug-addicted spouse. 

1. There are challenges in addiction recovery

The process will be long and there are a lot of steps that you and your drug addicted partner would undergo.

It’s not an easy process and the part where your spouse needs to be rehabilitated and the process of drug withdrawal isn’t a pleasant sight to see. 

2. You will have to be patient in the process

You will need to have lots of patience because you will be in situations where you just want to give up everything. Just remember that your spouse needs his or her fair chance to change. Remember, a little more patience can go a long way. 

3. Caretakers need help too

If you think you also need help, then ask for it. Most often the caretakers or the partner also need assistance. It’s not easy being a caretaker, being a mother, a breadwinner and a spouse who always understands. You need a break too. 

4. Going back to normal is hard

After the process of rehabilitation, your marriage won’t just go back to normal. There’s a new set of trials that you need to be ready for. It’s a slow process of reintroducing responsibilities, commitment, and trust to your partner. Slowly build your communication and begin to give your trust once again. With both of you working together, your marriage will have a chance.

When drug addiction wins – A family’s destruction

When hope fades away and drug addiction wins, slowly, the family and marriage is gradually destroyed. When second chances go to waste, some of the spouses think that they can still change the situation and remain in the relationship that will ultimately lead to destruction. Divorce is another way to escape this situation, most often counselors would suggest this when all efforts have been done.

It will be a long process but if it’s the only way to survive won’t you do it?

When to give up the battle

We are all aware of second chances going down the drain. If this happens, you need to know when to give up. As much as you love your spouse, you have to love yourself and your children more. When you have given all that you’ve got but still don’t see any changes or at the least the willingness to change — then it just right to move on with your life.

As much as there is love and concern, the reality of living a peaceful life with your children is the priority. Don’t feel guilty; you’ve done your best.

So, can a marriage survive drug addiction?

Ye,s and many have proven that this is possible. If there are people who have failed to fight the dependency of drugs, there are also people who have a strong will to turn their life back to what it used to be and be a better person. Drug addiction is a mistake that anyone can get involved in but the true test here is the willingness to change not just for your spouse or children but for yourself and your future.