What Are the Telltale Signs You Are in a Good Relationship?

What Are the Telltale Signs You are in a Good Relationship

Being in a good relationship is fun and exciting; it builds and allows you to do your best. A healthy relationship must be satisfactory and happy for all parties. In actual sense, a healthy relationship should allow all parties to freely speak to each other on the good, bad, and the ugly side of life. The ten signs of a satisfactory relationship include:

1. Commitment from all partners

A healthy relationship requires effort from all parties. When you are the only person making an effort to define the relationship that is a red flag; it is a clear indication of a relationship bound to fail the test of time in the near future. Love is a two-way traffic; your partner must also go an extra mile in equal measure to maintain the happiness of the relationship.

2. Capability of unlimited self-space

A relationship which does not limit you on your movement or personal space is fit. You need to have a life irrespective of the fact that someone came into your life. When you need to have your “me time” or meet with your friends for fun then your partner must not be a stumbling block. It must allow you to pursue your dreams without feeling choked or inadequate freedom.

3. Ability to engage in a productive fight

Fighting in a healthy relationship is inevitable; it means each partner is free to speak their mind with no blame or judgment. Lack of a fight in a relationship means partners coil in their cocoons for fear of self-expression which means they build resentment and forgiveness which is a time bomb.

4. Accepting each other’s weaknesses

You are two imperfect persons trying to make the best out of each other. How you handle your partner’s weaknesses as a foundation for growth is a clear indication of a happy relationship with many more solid years together.

5. Creating time for one another despite the busy schedules

Work schedules and family responsibilities give couples less time for each other.  The ability for partners to prioritize their spouses in their schedules is a sign of a satisfactory relationship. When you can comfortably put aside all your responsibilities to have a good time for both of you give an emotional fulfillment for your relationship.

6. Treating one another with love, care, and respect

Yes, you have your differences, strengths, flaws, or failures; if you can still love your partner with all these baggage and treat each other with kindness, integrity, and respect then you are a step forward for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

7. Having a sexual intimate connection

Sex is a key component in any marriage relationship. The initial stages of an intimate relationship, there is no doubt of a fulfilling sexual relationship. The happiness in the relationship is gauged on the sexual experience after the entry of complacency in any relationship. If you can still get aroused by a slight touch of your partner then it is a good indicator of a healthy bond. Can you still have a passionate intimate bond between the two of you?

8. Sharing concerns without fear

Whom do you resort to when you are in distress or trouble? If it is your social media friends then you are in a wrong association. Your partner must be your first thought as a helper, if not then what role does your partner play in your life?

9. Trusting one another

If you have to snoop through your partner’s phone or stalk on his or her posts on social media platforms then be sure of an unhappy relationship for lack of trust between the two of you. Mistrust develops to lack of commitment and jealousy in any marriage relationship. It means there is no honesty between the couples which leads to many vices.

10. Value your partners interests

Remember, you have to cope with someone from a diverse background with extreme interests. You compatibility and ability to accommodate each other as you respect their interests define a fruitful relationship.

It is evident; you have to accommodate each other as you regularly communicate to come to a compromise for the best interest. In a healthy marriage, partners should support each other to pursue their dreams while maintaining their love life for emotional gratification.