Five Couples Retreats to Go to Before the Year Ends

Five couples retreats to go to before the year ends

It doesn’t matter how strong, intimate, or close you are as a couple. There are times when the trials and tribulations of life can cause you to forget each other, or to allow you to become a little, stale.

Date nights can even become uninspiring and sometimes a date night, just won’t cut it anymore. If date nights won’t cut it, and you’ve got no idea about how to come back together as a couple, why not try a couple’s retreat?

Helps bring the focus back on your relationship

Couples retreats, as the name implies, is a getaway that couples can go to so they can focus more on their relationship. These retreats can provide a relaxing space to get away from life and focus on each other, or you could try a structured couples retreat.  Which is similar to some sort of therapy workshop.

Most of these types of retreats will always have a theme and focus so that you can decide if you can invest in the philosophy of the couples retreat without feeling too awkward or cringy!

In an article on Women’s Health entitled, ‘7 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Partner’, Franklin Porter, PhD suggested that to get away with your partner from the stresses of life can be hugely beneficial to your equilibrium and your relationship.

Further, Porter said that the shared experiences and adventures rekindles the spark that was once there.

Being alone with your partner on a beautiful island or beach house will allow both of you to have the communication you never knew you needed.

Encourages both of you to put more effort into making a relationship work

Couples retreat helps couples to put more effort into making a relationship work

By saying yes to a couples retreat, you are letting your partner know just how important your relationship is for you. This encourages both of you to put more effort into making a relationship work.

With the help of a couples retreat, both of you will be able to dive into sensitive topics such as sex, money, intimacy problems, commitment problems, etc. which you may have difficulty discussing at home.

Even if your getaway is as short as two days alone together with your partner in an uninterrupted environment, it will work miracles into your intimate relationship.

Here are some of the couple’s retreats we found that you might enjoy:

Gottman couples retreats

Drs. John and Julie Gottman are pioneers in marriage research therapy.  

Dr John Gottman has studied couples in great detail and infamously coined the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in relationships which are four behaviours that are commonly found in challenging relationships.

These four behaviours were found out to be the biggest predictor for whether or not the relationship will last.  And if you are wondering what the four horsemen are, they are listed right here:

Dr John Gottman’s Four Horsemen

  • Contempt
  • Criticism
  • Defensiveness
  • Stonewalling

This couple’s retreat is a 2-day offering aimed to repair the brokenness felt in a relationship.

Over the course of two days, couples will learn how to deepen their friendship and how to manage their conflicts. This is more than the getaway-type of couples retreat as it is a workshop.

3-day reconnect with your love: Couples Meditation Retreat, NY

For those of you living in New York, there’s a nearby couple’s retreat you can go to. Your home over the course of this retreat will be the beautiful Barn on the Pond at Saugerties.

In this retreat, the quiet surroundings and elixirs will welcome you. The food that they will be serving will be vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. You will be taught how to meditate and how to quiet down and reconnect in a noisy world.  Bliss!

7 day accepting & loving each other couples yoga retreat, Bali

Bali is known for its beaches and exotic food. But what most people don’t know is how perfect this destination is for a couple’s retreat. This retreat is a good place to learn hatha yoga and Thai Massage, taught by professional practitioners of this craft.

Aside from learning how to give your spouse a Thai massage, you could also enjoy snorkelling at the beach, and eating fresh fish meals at your request.

29 day yogic living in the wild north BC, Canada

Looking for a retreat that will keep both of you off the grid? This one might be for you!

If both of you have the luxury of time, you can head up north to Canada and experience a 29-day yogic living, in the beautiful province of British Columbia. Surrounded by trees, and its cool weather, you and your partner, will finally have the time to start focusing on your relationship.

This retreat invites both of you as a couple to be immersed in the forests and to be one with nature.

DIY couples retreat

Your partner should be your best friend, and among the best things that you can do with your best friend is to plan a get-together that involves just you two. Similar to your girls’ night-out or boys’ night-out, planning a do-it-yourself couple’s retreat is as easy as 1-2-3.

Think of yourselves as your own travel planners. Your getaway can be just a simple vacation, or you can assimilate a more structured approach.

There are resources available on the internet such as worksheets with guided to questions to further increase the intimacy between you and your spouse.

If you wish to work with a more religious approach, you can look at Faith Gateway’s How to Plan a Do-It-Yourself Marriage Retreat

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