6 Tips For The Spouse With a Lower Sex Drive

6 Tips For The Spouse With a Lower Sex Drive

Good and healthy sex life is one of the prominent foundations of a successful and happy relationship. There are couples who are able to maintain the balance between their emotional and sexual life pretty well. However, some couples are not so lucky.

Some individuals have a high sex drive, whereas some have low. If two extreme opposite individuals with different sex drives get into a relationship, things might get ugly if not handled properly.

It’s not possible for anyone to completely transform themselves overnight; besides sex drive is an inherent trait. One must, in such case, find a way out to balance it appropriately to keep their relationship happy and flourishing.

We have listed some tips for the spouse with a lower sex drive that can help your relationship sexually in the longer run.

1. Be satisfied with what you have

Sex can be an important part of your life, but it surely isn’t everything. There are multiple foundations to a strong and happy relationship, of which sex is just a part.

Sometimes, when you have a spouse with a lower sex drive, things blow out of proportion because suddenly everything starts to revolve around it. It is important to understand and respect each other’s choices and preferences.

Often spouses with a lower sex drive fake intimacy to satisfy their partners.

By doing this they’re not only disrespecting their partners but also sabotaging trust and honesty that holds their relationship together.

To avoid such situations, you can either convey the message to your partner about your lower sex drive or start paying attention to other ways to make them feel special. Be truthful to them and show them how much you love and respect them. That will help you manage things perfectly.

2. Analyze your environment

Often we look at the problem when we should be looking at the cause of it. Low sex drives are not only about sexual desires and are not often a part of one’s personality, but they also have a history as well. If you’re the one with lower sex drive it’s always advised to speak to your partner.

Let them know about it so that they could be a part of your journey and can help you come over it, in any way possible, and can make you feel comfortable.

Many give tips for the spouse with a lower sex drive, but seldom people talk about the cause.

Sometimes, the cause for the low sex drive is the present lifestyle and environment.

We all are so focused on the professional achievements that we neglect our personal choices and health. It’s always wise to analyze the situation and eliminate the root cause of the lower sex drive. Neglecting it might lead to further physical and emotional health issues.

3. Seek help

It’s not at all wrong to seek the help of a third person, especially when they’re expert in handling such situations. People go to various extents to save their relationship and marriage. It’s important that to consult an expert when you think the lower sex drive is shaking the base of your healthy relationship.

These experts can help you identify the problem and can give you valuable solutions. Many might not find it right to speak about personal moments with a total stranger, but just don’t hesitate in doing so. Any delay in reaching out for help can completely ruin your long-lasting relationship.

4. Small things that matter

Small things that matter

Sex is a journey that one takes from feeling for someone to the bed. Often, people with higher sex drive are quick in taking this journey as opposed to those with lower sex drive. If you’re amongst those who have a lower sex drive, then it’s better that you start the journey, in baby steps.

You’re with your partner because you saw something in them. It may be the small gesture that attracted you towards them or the way they care for you.

It’s important that you start reciprocating their small gestures with love and affection. Get cuddly with them, spend the night wrapped around watching a movie together on a couch, share some kisses now and then. These small gestures will mean a lot to them and you’ll be happy as well.

5. Be open about preferences

Every individual has different presences and expectations. It’s not valid to hide your preferences from your partner just because you have a low sex drive. Trust and honesty are important foundations of a relationship. It’s suggested that you open about your preferences and choices to your partner.

Talk about what you like and what you don’t like. What excites you and what puts off your mood.

Supposedly, you’re more interested in lovemaking than sex, speak about it. Sometimes, an intimate moment before sex can help you enjoy your private sessions more easily than just jumping on the bed. Be open about what you like and don’t like with your partner.

6. Work on your relationship

Often, negative feelings kill sex drive. There are times when you’re going through self-doubt. You may be rethinking about the equation with your partner or may be upset because you are growing old with time. These things should not bother you at all.

People grow old with time. Our body goes through change, but that doesn’t mean your partner loves you less.

They’re in love with you, just the way you’re. If that is putting you off the mood then it’s time that you reconsider it. Work on your relationship. Your partner loves you the way you’re. You should start loving yourself as well. We are sure you would see a change in yourself soon.

Sex is an important part of life but surely it isn’t everything. Everyone in their life goes through ups and downs. This shouldn’t bother anyone and they should not let it affect their sexual life. These tips for spouses with a lower sex drive will help solve the sexual differences and let you cherish your relationship with your partner.