Love Tip: Stay Crazy About Each Other with These 8 Romantic Phrases

Love Tip: 8 Romantic Phrases

The briefest of phrases can make a huge impact in a relationship. At times, keeping things short and sweet does a lot of good and greatly contributes to a couple’s happiness. The 8 phrases below can keep a relationship going strong because they cover what matters. This includes attraction, desire, accepting each other’s flaws, establishing yourselves as a team, understanding, support, and love.

“You Look Amazing”

Physical attraction is important in a relationship. When your partner looks good, tell them and they should do the same. Physical attraction is a driving force behind passion so in order to keep the fire lit, tell him/her that you like what you see and perhaps follow the compliment with a kiss or a little more. That kind of passionate exchange is fun for couples. It is flirty, subtly sexy, and builds self-esteem. At times, it can just make you think, “Wow, how did I get so lucky?” A relationship does not get much better than that.

“I’m Crazy About You”

We all want our partner to be crazy about us. That is a huge contributor to a couple’s happiness. According to scientific research, compliments make us strive to improve because the brain wants to experience that type of social reward over and over again. That drive will, in turn, make individuals better in relationships. The secret to a successful romance is constantly striving for improvement and this is an easy way to encourage that. Along with the social reward aspect, the effectiveness of the phrase has to do with people wanting to feel attractive, desirable and wanted.


At the start of a relationship, both halves shower each other with attention because the connection is new and exciting. You can’t keep your hands off each other and exchange sweet words often but this can fade over time. To keep those good vibes going, tell your partner that you’re crazy about him/her on occasion. Why keep all your good thoughts to yourself? A strong relationship requires expression so express away! Some think that wanting that reassurance is needy but everyone wishes their significant other will tell them how awesome they are every once in awhile. When both halves of a couple are confident, they find it easier to open up and that openness promotes a strong bond.

“I Love You Anyway”

This phrase expresses acceptance and acknowledges that you take your partner for who they are. A biggie in relationships is acceptance and making it clear that you plan to stick around through the good and bad is heartwarming. Everyone has flaws and faults. When those become apparent, tell your significant other, “I love you anyway”. This phrase is a simple way to say, “I care for you so much that I take you as you are”. A happy relationship is one with an established level of emotional safety and security. When both parties feel safe, they don’t feel the need to pretend to be someone they aren’t and the love is more authentic as a result. Honesty and openness are two requirements for any healthy, happy relationship.

“We’ll Get Through It”

This phrase establishes a couple as a team (it is a partnership after all). Tough times are part of a relationship. No one likes them but couples face at least a few during their time together. Just remember that going through hard times is one thing and getting through them is another. Whatever the challenge is, the goal is to come out stronger than ever. Saying, “We’ll get through it” makes you and your partner more inclined to successfully work as a team to overcome difficulties. In addition to establishing two people as a team, it offers support. This is perfect for those that do not know what to say when a challenge is presented.

“I Understand”

We all want to be understood and get quite peeved when we aren’t. Agreeing doesn’t matter as much but being understood is like this deep desire everyone has. Hearing the words, “I understand” maintains the happiness in a relationship and keeps couples in love because it directly expresses understanding. It also yields this emotional response, whether contained or expressed, that brings a couple closer. The two words are actually quite comforting and people want to feel that with the person they love. As said, this is not about agreeing with your partner but letting them know that you get it will greatly contribute to the relationship.

“I’m Here If You Need Me”

This phrase makes people fall in love over and over again. Its significance lies in the fact that the words offer a helping hand without being asked. That is a beautiful display of care and support for someone and ensures that a person knows who they can turn to if support is needed. Being a couple involves being there for one another. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that your significant other has your back. That is a key part of a healthy romance. When you do say these words, also commit to following through if you are needed.

“I Love You”

Yeah, this is an obvious one but is still surprisingly underused or said without much feeling. The three words hold a lot of significance and meaning so they should be said in a more heartfelt way. As for those that stray away from these words, say them more often! Saying, “I love you” reveals that you are thinking of your partner. It is an unselfish phrase that puts the attention on your significant other even if just for a few seconds, and verbally expressing love let’s a person know that they are valued, appreciated, and cherished, all of which improves one’s view of themselves.


Who knew a few words could mean so much? Be sure to use these 8 phrases in your relationship and take in all the good they bring. You too can be one half of a happy duo that is absolutely crazy about each other.