Top 5 Ways to Keep Financial Issues from Destroying Your Marriage

Top 5 Ways to Keep Financial Issues from Destroying Your Marriage

Even the strongest of relationships can be derailed and head towards doom due to the financial crisis. It is true money plays a major role when it comes to being satisfied in a relationship. Men enjoy the increased self-esteem that comes with financial stability whereas women see money as a sign of security and stability. Financial issues in marriage are one amongst most common reasons for conflict among couples and according to a survey, it stands at the third most important factor leading to divorce. It has been proven by research that every 7 out of 10 couples experiences tension in their marriage due to financial issues. Mentioned below are the top 5 practices you need in order to avoid the financial issue and steer your marriage to towards happiness and success.

1. Communicate

Communication is the key to everything. You need to be able to talk to your partner about anything that is bothering you without any hesitation. They are not mind-readers and wouldn’t know until and unless you speak up. It is seen that many couples do not talk about finances at all and tend to avoid the topic entirely, particularly in the initial stages of their relationship. It is, however, essential for couples to sit down and discuss all possible financial issue scenarios such as one of you losing their job, an overdrawn checking account, etc.

If any of you also has certain concerns over your partner’s spending habits, the way they handle their money and make financial decisions, it is important you address them before it is too late. Although not everyone is comfortable talking about money right away, you need to talk to each other in order to avoid any financial issues sparking up in your marriage.

2. Avoid keeping secrets

Keeping secrets from your partner is never good. Being in a marital bond, both of you need to trust each other enough to share everything with each other, no matter how good or bad something is. Married couples usually have joint finances as well as a particular vision they work towards it while making savings.

If you splurged at a sale or try going for a savings account to pay off the debt due to that bad investment, you need to be comfortable enough to tell your significant other all about it rather than covering it up. Sharing with your spouse and seeking advice might just turn out helpful instead leading you to serious financial issue in your marriage.

Avoid having secrets from your spouse when it comes to finances

3. Accept if it is your mistake

There is a chance that you might be the one with wrong financial habits, maybe you are the one who goes on shopping sprees now and then or it is you who doesn’t settle for anything less than expensive, high-end designer labels. If that’s you, you need to be able to understand your partner’s concerns when they express them. You need to accept that you are the one at fault and need to make changes to avoid any unfortunate financial issues in your marriage.

A happy marriage calls for helping each other and working together to sort out any problems that occur through your way.

4. Understand each other’s money mindset

It is extremely necessary for you to what goes on each other’s mind when it comes to money. You need to have an idea how your spouse tends to deal with money and how was their upbringing around money? Were their parents big spenders or did they face financial constraints while growing up? You need to have an understanding what is the biggest fear your partner has regarding money.

The answers to all of these can tell you a lot how your partner treats money and how your marriage will go about. Moreover, usually, a lot of arguments amongst couples are not about money at all. Instead, it is a conflict of temperament. Compromise, and the need to understand your spouse’s perspective is vital.

Understand each other’s money mindset

5. Set spending limits and rules

Deciding some general spending rules can be extremely helpful in the long run. You can come up with thresholds and decide a certain amount that each of you could spend without notifying each other of your purchases, but as soon as you exceed the limit, you need to consult the other. Furthermore, a household budget can be an extremely effective way of handling all your money.

You can also make use of a number of different apps to keep track of all your spending, making the task far easier. This is great option to avoid the financial issue from occurring in your marriage.


We all face a financial crisis at some point in our life, but it is up to us how we deal with them. You have to be open and honest with your partners about all problems instead of concealing them. Cooperate, try to understand each other and make use of the of the above-mentioned points to keep financial issues from getting the best of your marriage.

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