Improve Marriage Communication

10 Trusted Tips For Encouraging Communication With Your Spouse

Have you and your spouse reached the stage where you ‘know’ what each other is going to say before you …

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Unravelling The Conundrum Of Communication Between Married Couples

Communication can be the sweetest thing that holds a relationship together, or it can be a confusing conundrum which seems …

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4 Reasons And Remedies For Poor Communication In Marriage

Communication problems are often cited as one of the main causes of marriage breakdown. Indeed, marriage is all about relating …

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Conversations With Your Spouse: Dos And Don’ts

Communication is no doubt one of the hardest parts of sustaining a healthy marriage. As time passes, couples get used …

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Healthy Communication For Couples: Speaking From the Heart

Communicating in a healthy way should be on the top of all couples’ Life Goals List. Couples who place a …

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How To Communicate With Your Wife (Without Using A Translator!)

John Gray wrote the renowned book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” in 1992, but his premise continues …

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The Importance Of Communication In Marriage

Let’s play a game. If you found yourself in a crowded public place and began to ask strangers what they …

6  min read

The Key Components Of Communication In A Relationship

Communication is the elusive temptress that permeates between two people. She is a fickle mistress and needs to be catered …

By Craig M. Lewis

Professional Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor| 3  min read

Open Communication In Marriage

Communication plays a vital role in all our relationships, whether they are professional or personal.   But open communication is …

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