Will He Be Great In Bed Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 682 | Updated: Aug 04, 2022
 Will He Be Great in Bed Quiz?

Some women are lucky enough to meet men who are virile enough to satisfy them sexually or who are "alright" when it comes to sex. But we shouldn't ignore the other ones, who have great personalities, who are always present for them but who, unfortunately, can't perform in the bedroom. So, will your next "beau" be great enough to satisfy you, or will he be another embarrassing case where the guy is great but can't give you what you need in the bedroom? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you have sex per week?

A. Four times

B. Three times

C. More than five times.

D. Once.

2. Do you feel your relationship is based on sex?

A. Totally.

B. Not really, good conversation is also a part of it.

C. Not really, love is what keeps you together.

D. No, not all.

3. What sign indicates that your partner is probably a sexual freak?

A. He always talks about sex.

B. He always watches pron with you before the act.

C. He always sends you lingerie.

D. He likes trying new things all the time.

4. What turns you on sexually into a man?

A. His perfume.

B. His smile.

C. His beauty.

D. The way he touches you.

5. How can you tell a man is sexually inexperienced?

A. If he is shy.

B. If he avoids your sexual advances.

C. If he avoids talking about sex.

D. If he doesn't like certain positions.

6. How can you tell a man is just here for sex?

A. If he wants it all the time, of course.

B. If that's all he talks about with you.

C. If he touches you in a daring way everywhere, all the time.

D. If he only agrees to meet you for casual sex.

7. What nationality is the most oriented towards sex?

A. Italian mean.

B. French men.

C. American men.

D. African men.

8. Do you think that preliminaries are important when it comes to sex?

A. Yes, of course.

B. Yes, because it gives you the opportunity to try oral sex.

C. Yes, because it makes the act last longer.

D. Yes, because it shows how experienced you both are.

9. How long should a sexual act last?

A. At least 10 minutes.

B. At least 15 minutes.

C. At most 20 minutes.

D. At least 8 minutes.

10. Should a man take stimulants before the sexual act?

A. No, absolutely not.

B. No, otherwise it would mean he is weak.

C. Yes, so that the act can last longer.

D. Yes, why not?

11. Does he like foreplay?

A. Yes

B. A lot

C. No

D. Sometimes

12. How good a kisser is he?

A. Perfect

B. He is okay

C. He is good most times

D. Not good at all

13. Does he talk about what you like and how he can improve it?

A. Every time

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

D. Never

14. How does the room look after you are done?

A. Messy

B. Normal

C. A bit messed up

D. Nothing changes

15. How many different positions do you use in a session?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4-6

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