Why Did He Stop Talking To Me Quiz

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 657
 Why Did He Stop Talking to Me Quiz

Are you feeling confused and hurt because the guy you were talking to suddenly stopped responding? Do you find yourself constantly wondering what went wrong? Take our "Why Did He Stop Talking to Me Quiz" to gain some clarity and insight into your situation. This quiz will help you assess the current state of your relationship and provide you with some possible reasons why he may have stopped talking to you. Don't let the confusion and uncertainty consume you, take the quiz now and get some answers!

Questions Excerpt

1. Is he ignoring all your calls, texts or emails?

A. Yes, he never responds

B. He only replies to my texts, but ignores my calls

C. He responds every time, but never initiates

D. He keeps saying that he does not want to talk to me

2. How long has it been that he hasn't spoken to you?

A. Less than a week

B. Just very recently

C. We talk on and off

D. More than a week

3. Have you contacted his friends?

A. Yes, and they have no idea

B. No, we were not that close

C. Yes, and they said he seems fine

D. No, I don’t really gel with his friends

4. What was the last thing he told you?

A. He did not say anything about not contacting me again

B. He asked me if I was happy with him

C. He said he is going on a vacation

D. He told me no matter what he would always love me

5. Have you noticed any changes in his behavior or routine lately?

A. Yes, he seems distant

B. No, everything seems normal

C. He has been more busy than usual

D. He has been more affectionate than usual

6. Have you tried talking to him about your concerns?

A. Yes, but he did not give me a clear answer

B. No, I am afraid of what he might say

C. Yes, and he reassured me that everything is fine

D. No, I do not want to seem needy or clingy

7. Did you have any unresolved arguments with him?

A. Yes, we have plenty

B. No, we have never had such arguments 

C. Sometimes, but he tends to go silent

D. Yes, and it was baseless

8. How long have you been in a relationship with him?

A. Less than 6 months

B. 6 months to a year

C. 1-2 years

D. More than 2 years

9. Have you noticed any changes in his social media activity?

A. Yes, he has been posting less or not at all

B. No, he is still active as usual

C. He has been posting more than usual

D. I do not follow him on social media

10. Have you considered seeking advice from a trusted friend or family member?

A. Yes, and they have given me helpful advice

B. No, I prefer to handle things on my own

C. Yes, but I do not trust their judgment

D. I have not thought about it

11. How does he act when you feel sick and need help?

A. He is always ready to help

B. He helps, but would rather not

C. He always had excuses

D. He usually sends help but is never physically present

12. Have you ever had the feeling of one-sided love around them?

A. Yes, often

B. Not really

C. I feel that they have always liked me more

D. I am not sure, he has always had doubts about our relationship

13. Has he ever felt insecure in the relationship?

A. Yes, he was really insecure

B. No, he always seemed too busy to think about us

C. Yes, sometimes, as much as I did

D. No, we always felt secure with each other

14. Do you think there is anything about him worth waiting for?

A. Yes, he used to get me

B. We understood each other, but would also fight a lot

C. I can not think of anything concrete

D. He was really smooth

15. Has he ever tried to correct any of your behaviours?

A. No, he hasn’t

B. Yes, sometimes

C. He tried, but failed

D. No, not that I can remember

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