Who Should Be My Maid of Honor Quiz?

10 Questions
 Who Should Be My Maid of Honor Quiz?

Questions Excerpt

1. Who is the first person you reach out to when you are extremely stressed?

A. My mother

B. My friend

C. My sister/cousin

2. Who is that one person you absolutely want to be present at your bachelorette party?

A. My mother

B. My sisters/cousins

C. My best friend

3. Have you ever shared your secrets with your mother?

A. Yes, I always share my secrets with her

B. I don’t share my secrets with my mother

C. Sometimes

4. Is your best friend a good listener?

A. No, she is not

B. Yes, she is

C. Not really

5. How would your sister react if you gave her too many tasks to complete in a day?

A. If my request is genuine she will happily do it

B. She will be angry

C. I think she will sulk while doing the tasks

6. Who is your pillar of support in times of financial distress?

A. My parents

B. My siblings/cousins

C. My friend

7. Who is your biggest emotional support?

A. My siblings/cousins

B. My mother/father

C. My friend

8. Who is likely to be the godmother of your child?

A. I think my sister

B. Mother

C. Best friend

9. Who are you going to miss the most after getting married?

A. My family

B. My friends

C. No one, I think

10. Who is the person you can lay your blind trust in?

A. I think it’s my future husband

B. My family

C. My friends

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