Who Is The Perfect Man For You Quiz?

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10 Questions | Updated: Mar 31, 2023
 Who Is the Perfect Man for You Quiz?

Have you ever fantasized about being swept off your feet by a man who knows exactly what you need and who'll never let you down? I know I have. The thing is, some of us think we know what the perfect man for us is like, but do we really? That's the question this quiz will help answer.

Not sure who's the best match for you? Want to be a better judge of the type of guy you should give your heart to? Well, don't worry because this ‘Who is the perfect man for you’ quiz is here to help!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you like to go out to the movies?

A. Yeah

B. No, I prefer staying home and watching TV shows

C. I love going to the theater and can't get enough of it

2. Have you ever had a crush on someone famous?

A. Yes, but they were already taken by another celebrity that made me jealous

B. Yes, but they were too busy being famous to notice me

C. No, because I'm looking for something more permanent than just a crush on someone famous

3. What's your favorite thing to do on a Friday night?

A. Watch TV with my pet curled up in my lap

B. Go dancing at a club with friends from work and get a little wild

C. Go out for drinks and dinner with my boyfriend, then come home for Netflix and chill (or actually just cuddle)

4. What's your favorite TV show? Pick from one of these:

A. The Office (US)

B. House Hunters International

C. Friends



6. Do you want someone who is funny or serious?

A. Funny

B. Serious

C. A bit of both

7. Do you want someone who is sensitive or assertive?

A. Sensitive

B. Assertive

C. A bit of both

8. Do you want a man who is tall or short?

A. Short (5'8" or under)

B. Tall (over 5'8")

C. Doesn’t matter

9. Would you prefer a man who is older or younger than you?

A. Older (40+)

B. Younger (under 40)

C. Age does not matter

10. Do you want a man with a beard, or one who shaves regularly?

A. Beard (Likes to grow out facial hair but doesn't have one yet)

B. Clean shaven

C. Does not matter

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