Which Disney Movie Represents Your Love Story?

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8 Questions | Total Attempts: 412
Which Disney Movie Represents Your Love Story?
We all love Disney movies, especially their love stories. Damsels in distress and handsome princes ready to rescue and sacrifice their lives. Do you have this kind of story in reality? If you want to know which Disney movie it is, take this quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you love movies?

A. I am addicted to it.

B. No. I just like the popcorn

C. Sometimes with my friends or siblings.

D. I am into reading than watching.

2. Who is your favorite Disney princess?

A. Pocahontas because she is brave and beautiful.

B. I don't watch cartoons.

C. Cinderella or Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

D. Tiana from the Frog Princess.

3. Do you have a hard life?

A. Easy life with a butler summoning maids.

B. Kind of hard because we are not rich.

C. A fine life I guess.

D. Very hard because I raise my own self without anyone.

4. Do you think fairy tales are true?

A. Yes because I believe that every story has its true source.

B. Stories for kids.

C. I think it got some point but I don't believe that they are true.

D. Like the unseen wind, yes.

5. Which royalty rank do you want to acquire?

A. I want to be the King/Queen.

B. Royalty means painful responsibilities.

C. Just a Duke/Duchess.

D. I like to become a Prince/Princess.

6. Will you kiss a frog?

A. If it is really Prince charming, then why not?

B. Yucks! It's a gross amphibian.

C. No problem to me. I think of animals as friends.

D. My neighbor has the look of a frog but I don't want to kiss him.

7. Have you been to a royal ball?

A. Just my prom.

B. I've seen one but didn't attend it.

C. We don't have a kingdom in here except animal kingdom. We live near the jungle.

D. I guess I need to live in UK to experience that kind of party.

8. When was your first kiss?

A. Way back in middle school under the apple tree.

B. I can't recall it because I've got series of kisses.

C. Never been kissed, never been touch.

D. Just yesterday.

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