What’s My Sign Quiz

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What’s My Sign Quiz

Sure, we all have a sign that’s based on our birthdays, but does this sign really match who you are? What sign really matches your personality? Are you a Leo who loves the spotlight? A Taurus who loves to snuggle? A Cancer with a hard exterior and squishy inside? A balanced cool and chill Libra? Find out by taking this Zodiac Sign quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. If your life were a movie, it would be-

A. A lush, romantic, period comedy

B. A sexy action movie

C. A weepy, sentimental drama

D. A philosophical cult indie film

2. You see someone you like, what do you do?

A. I go up to them and ask them out

B. I talk to them about the new band I just heard and then talk to five other people before coming back to speak to them

C. I watch them while I eat my cheese plate and hope they come over

D. I work up the courage for a few hours, over a few drinks and finally walk over to them just as they are leaving and bear my soul

3. If you were on a reality TV show, you would be known for?

A. Being the one who cried in the confessional literally every time

B. All the drama you were at the center of and the epic yelling tirade you made in Episode 7

C. Flirting with everyone, sleeping with a few, getting tied down to no one

D. Your love of food, and the one time you lost your temper because someone ate the cheese you had wanted

4. Your partner of a year just broke up with you, what do you do?

A. Cry for forever

B. Post a thirst trap and move on. Everyone wants me. I’m living life.

C. Was I dating someone?

D. Cuddle up under the covers, eat some ice-cream and watch all my favorite movies

5. What role do you usually take on in your friend group?

A. The leader

B. Practical friend

C. Peace-keeper

D. Mom

6. Which of these describes your personality best?

A. Passionate

B. Hard-working

C. Diplomatic

D. Nurturing

7. Your friends are fighting. What do you do?

A. Help them talk it out

B. I don't take sides and try to comfort them

C. I pick a side internally, but I don't actually do much to get involved

D. Join in the fight

8. Which of these weaknesses do you possess?

A. I have a tempe

B. I overthink things

C. I'm non-confrontational

D. I'm a little overly sensitive

9. You caused a fight with someone. What did you do?

A. I snapped at them

B. I am stubborn

C. Fighting? I don't fight

D. I was overly sensitive and took something the wrong way

10. What is your ideal job?

A. An actor

B. A poet

C. A masseuse

D. A philosopher

11. What’s your ideal Friday night?

A. Flitting around from party to party

B. At the club, tearing up the dance floor and scoping my prey for the night

C. My bed, Netflix, and a ton of cheese

D. With my best friend or partner, one on one, out in nature with the stars and  a bottle of wine

12. In your friend group, you are the-

A. One everyone tells their problems to

B. The leader

C. one who you have to force to come to everything

D. one that never responds to texts

13. People always say you are-

A. Flighty

B. Emotional

C. Grounded

D. Spontaneous

14. rnYour best quality is your-

A. Fierceness

B. Understanding

C. Reliability

D. Adventurousness

15. Your worst quality is your-

A. Stubbornness

B. Impulsiveness

C. Self-pity

D. Aloofness

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