What's Your Conflict Style in a Relationship? Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 511
What\'s Your Conflict Style in a Relationship? Quiz
The stability of a relationship is a give-and-take between you and your partner. Moments of joy are as impacting as moments of struggle and conflict. Both influence how you act in a relationship as well as how you treat your partner. Our quiz “What’s your conflict style in a relationship?” will help you determine your conflict style and how you communicate with your partner. Enjoy the quiz Read more and see where you stand with conflict. Read less

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you walk away from your partner during an argument?

A. It’s easier to leave them than to fight

B. No, I would rather stay and argue

C. It depends. At home, I will walk away. In public, I will stay

D. It happens, I don’t always want to listen to what they have to say

2. Do you use your phone to end an argument or ignore your partner?

A. I have done that. I but I try not to

B. I do it often but not all the time

C. I never do that. I am focused on the situation at hand

D. I use my phone to avoid difficult conversations with my partner

3. Do you tell your partner to “Shut up?”

A. Yes, it’s the only way I can get my point across

B. I have yelled that at them, but only once or twice

C. Yes, I yell “Shut up”, but I try not to

D. No, I do not tell them to “Shut up” ever

4. Do you fight with your partner constantly?

A. YES! We are always fighting,,” and it is never resolved

B. It is not constant, but it is often

C. No, we do not fight, we tend to have long discussions

D. We fight, but it feels like a regular amount of conflict

5. Do you give your partner space when they need it?

A. I try to, but sometimes I want to keep talking about the issue

B. No, we need to resolve the conflict not walkaway

C. Yes, I give them their space to collect themselves

D. Not really, I prefer to be around them until the conflict is resolved

6. Is your rule “my way or no way”?

A. Not at all!

B. Not really

C. Occasionally, I feel that way

D. Always, I don’t compromise

7. Do you yell at your partner?

A. Yes, it’s pretty regular

B. Sometimes, I lose my temper

C. No, I do not raise my voice at them

D. It has happened but not often

8. Do you and your partner fight over money?

A. We always argue about money!

B. We have our finances in order and do not fight about it

C. It has come up before

D. We usually communicate well 

9. Do you make your partner cry?

A. Sometimes, we both cry

B. No, I have never made them cry

C. Occasionally, one of us will get hurt feelings and cry

D. Yes, they ALWAYS cry!

10. Do you go to bed angry?

A. No, we always talk it out before we go to sleep

B. Yes, we are constantly not talking when we go to bed

C. It has happened, but I don’t prefer it

D. It happens, but isn’t it supposed to?

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