What's Your Dating Superpower Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 15
 What's Your Dating Superpower Quiz?
Here is the quiz: What's Your Dating Superpower! What special abilities do you bring to the table? The dating world can be a dangerous place to be. It's not like going to Titan to take on Thanos himself, but it can still be a perilous journey with a slew of villains to contend with. Being ghosted, dealing with rude people, pushy dates, cheap dates, or something as simple as bad breath all require you to be on your toes at all times. When you choose a winner, your date goes off without a hitch. Come with us to our Fortress of Dating Solitude, and we'll discover your true dating superpower. Are you ready to find out?

Questions Excerpt

1. Which one do you think would be most useful on a date?

A. Mind reading

B. Invisibility

C. Telekinesis

2. Which of the Avengers do you think would be the most interesting to date?

A. Dr. Strange

B. Thor

C. Iron man

3. What do you think about dating apps?

A. Yay!

B. Nay!

C. Maybe, why not?

4. How frequently are you asked out on dates?

A. Not a tone

B. Every now and then

C. A lot

5. You're on the first date and your date says they're open to anything you want to do. What exactly does that mean?

A. We're going to have a good time

B. I'll have to think of a few great ideas

C. They're already lying!

6. Restaurants may be the most popular place to go on a date in the world. Pick the one cuisine for your first date!

A. Chinese

B. Italian

C. Mexican

7. Do you ever get tired of the thought of dating?

A. It get close sometimes

B. Yes, all the time

C. Nope, never

8. How easily can you tell if the person you're seeing is simply not interested in the date?

A. I always hope to be able to turn things around

B. After a short period of conversation, I can tell

C. That has never occurred

9. In a typical month, how many dates do you think you go on?

A. Two and more

B. Less than three

C. Ten, maybe?

10. What's going to stop a date dead in its tracks?

A. They spend all of their time on the phone

B. Being impolite to servers

C. Finding out they're already in a relationship

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