What Kind of Sexual Fantasy Do I Have?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 159
What Kind of Sexual Fantasy Do I Have?
Lots of couples share sexual fantasies. It is a part of a healthy sexual relationship. But there could be a difference in the kind of fantasy you have from that of your partner’s. Unless you both understand each other’s sexual language, it will be difficult to build intimacy in the relationship. What kind of fantasies do you and your partner share? Take this Sex Fantasy quiz with your partner to find out. And remember, honesty is the best policy!

Questions Excerpt

1. When you and your partner have sex, do you find yourself:

A. Wishing for more pain play

B. Wondering about the way specific items might increase your arousal

C. Completely satisfied with where you’re at

2. When you’re in the bedroom, do you and your partner:

A. Enjoy bondage, sadism/masochism, and dominate/submissive play

B. Enjoy a specific fetish, such as latex

C. Enjoy traditional sex together

3. Outside of the bedroom, do you and your partner:

A. Like to tease each other about who’s in charge

B. Play around with each other’s sexual interests

C. Keep it kosher

4. If you and your partner were to experiment with rope-play, would you:

A. Enjoy it immensely

B. Find it interesting, but it’s not really your thing

C. Dislike it completely

5. If you and your partner were to have traditional, vanilla sex, would you:

A. Feel bored and not able to be turned on

B. Feel okay, but not really into it

C. Feel completely comfortable and extremely sexy

6. If you and your partner were to experiment with a specific fetish, would you:

A. Find it okay, but not exactly your thing

B. Love it and feel totally engaged

C. Hate it and be extra turned off

7. Your partner confesses to you they want to spice things up in the bedroom. Do you:

A. Suggest submissive/dominant roles

B. Suggest bringing outside items into the bedroom

C. Suggest a new position you haven’t tried yet

8. A friend comes to you and tells you they discovered a fun new erotica shop. You and your partner:

A. Go to explore it right away, searching for new toys

B. Look into it, on the hunt for unique items to bring into play

C. Ignore the suggestion as you’re satisfied with what you already have

9. On average, you and your partner have sex:

A. Multiple times a week

B. Once a week, like clockwork

C. Whenever you get around to it (which isn’t often)

10. You and your partner mostly enjoy:

A. Discovering new ways to tie each other up

B. Finding out about new items to use on each other

C. Just your bodies in the bedroom during sex

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