Quiz: How Much of a Man Are You?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 24
Quiz: How Much of a Man Are You?
What kind of a man are you? Do you consider yourself a “manly man” who is an expert at all things manly? Do you have a sensitive and more nurturing side as well as a rough and tough side? Could you be manly and still be in touch with your emotions, or is that not allowed? The old-fashioned term is most commonly referring to a rough and tough kind of guy who is all brawn and no brains. Not someone who wears their heart on their sleeve or tends to be a hopeless romantic. To a manly man, those are all signs of weakness! (Who made them the boss anyway??) Are you a manly man, or are you more of a nice guy? Or are you somewhere in between the two? Take this short quiz to find out exactly where you fall and how much of a man are you.

Questions Excerpt

1. How would you describe your wardrobe?

A. Comfortable and well lived in

B. Stylish and fresh

C. Clean and neat

2. What is your dream job?

A. Top executive in a big office making lots of money

B. Whatever makes me happy

C. Any labor job where I can get down and dirty

3. Who cuts your hair?

A. I have the same person I have been going to since I was young

B. Whoever is around and can hold scissors

C. I have a stylist I love and book appointments well in advance to make sure my hair is always fresh and looking good

4. On a Saturday afternoon, where could you be found?

A. Usually out with friends having a good time

B. Doing work around the house somewhere or fixing something

C. Spending time with family or enjoying a hobby of mine

5. Is it important to you what others think of you?

A. No, I don’t care at all what other people think, to be honest

B. Sometimes, it depends on the situation

C. Yes, probably more than I should

6. What phrase would your friends/family use to describe you?

A. Rough and tough

B. Keeping up with the Jones’

C. Keepin it classy

7. What would you say is a flaw of yours?

A. Sometimes I am too nice, and people walk all over me

B. I don’t have very good manners and tend to have a bad mouth

C. Lack of confidence in myself/low self-esteem

8. Have you been in a lot of physical fights in your life?

A. Only a hand full

B. I have been in so many I can’t even give a number

C. I have never been in a physical fight

9. Would you consider yourself to be a hopeless romantic?

A. Sometimes I could be if I like the person

B. No, not at all

C. Yes, most of the time I am

10. Do you have a hard time being single?

A. Do you have a hard time being single?

B. Sometimes I do, but other times I enjoy it. Depends on what is going on in my life and when my last relationship was

C. No, not at all

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