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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 142
 How Mature Are You Quiz?
Maturity is something that becomes more important with age but not everyone progresses at the same pace. There is no doubt that we all have periods in our lives where we act a little immature, but some people are always more immature than those around them. Naturally mature people are sometimes said to be “old souls” and it is something they just possess without even knowing. Hardships in life are sometimes the reason people mature quicker than others as well. Truly, there is no right or wrong answer, it’s just one of those things that everyone does at their own pace. Do you think you are more mature than most people, less mature or average? Take this quiz to find out how mature are you.

Questions Excerpt

1. When you don’t get your way, what do you say or do?

A. It depends on the situation, but most of the time I think I handle it well

B. I tend to get overly dramatic and pout

C. It’s fine, things aren’t always going to go my way and it doesn’t really bother me

2. Do you often get in arguments or disagreements with your family/friends?

A. Not often, but it happens from time to time

B. Yes, all the time

C. No, I don’t see any point in fighting with the people closest to me unless it was a major issue

3. If someone disagrees with you about something, what do you normally do?

A. Agree to disagree if we can’t see eye to eye

B. Eventually get mad at them and not talk to them anymore or say some harsh things that I will most likely regret later

C. Try to explain myself for a period of time and then just stop talking to them if we don’t agree

4. What is most frustrating for you about other people?

A. Arrogance and ignorance

B. People in general are irritating most of the time for so many reasons

C. People in general tend to be self centered

5. In times of crisis, how do you react?

A. Isolate myself from others until the crisis works itself out somehow

B. I do my best to stay calm and act like everything is fine

C. I go into problem solving mode so I can resolve the crisis as soon as possible in an effective way

6. Would you consider yourself short-tempered?

A. Sometimes

B. No, not at all

C. Yes, I tend to be

7. Would you say you get flustered easily or act dramatically often?

A. No, definitely not

B. Yes, I like to show my emotions outwardly

C. It depends on the situation, but sometimes I can be

8. What is something in your life you are really proud of?

A. My reputation and success

B. My self-exploration and self-growth that has taught me so much

C. My family

9. Do you think you are empathetic and compassionate towards others?

A. Yes, definitely. All the time

B. I try to be, but I know I’m not always that way

C. I can be, but most of the time I think people should deal with the consequences of their actions

10. Do you feel like you have firm boundaries in your life?

A. I always try to and then end up reverting back sometimes to less structure. I really need to work on that!

B. I think I do most of the time, but there’s always little things that could use more firm boundaries

C. I don’t like boundaries, it’s so restrictive. I just like to enjoy life without limitations

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