What Is My Capacity to Love Quiz

10 Questions
What Is My Capacity to Love Quiz

Here’s the fun ‘What is my capacity to love’ quiz! In this, you will be asked a series of questions about your scope of loving someone. We'll then use those answers to calculate your "love score." 

Your love score gives you a way to see how much you have or have not been able to express your love for others. You can think of it like a gas tank: when it's full, you're ready to go out and show the world just how much love you have inside of you!

What are you waiting for then? Let’s begin!

Questions Excerpt

1. When you think about love, how do you feel?

A. Excited and hopeful

B. Cautious but curious

C. Indifferent or apprehensive

2. How do you handle disagreements or conflicts in your relationships?

A. I try to communicate and resolve them openly

B. I tend to avoid conflicts, but I'll address them if necessary

C. I often withdraw or avoid conflicts altogether

3. How often do you make time for self-care and self-love?

A. Regularly, I prioritize self-care

B. Occasionally; I should make more time for myself

C. Rarely; I seldom take time for self-care

4. How long does it take you to trust someone new in a romantic relationship?

A. I'm fairly trusting and open from the start

B. It takes time for me to build trust, but I'm willing to try

C. Trusting someone new is a significant challenge for me

5. How do you react when someone you love is going through a difficult time?

A. I offer my support and try to be there for them

B. I might offer help but give them space if they need it

C. I find it hard to handle and often withdraw

6. What is your view on vulnerability in relationships?

A. I believe vulnerability is essential for deep

B. I'm willing to be vulnerable, but it takes time

C. I prefer to keep my emotions and vulnerabilities hidden

7. How would you describe your current level of self-love and self-acceptance?

A. I love and accept myself as I am

B. I'm working on self-love but still have some self-doubts

C. I struggle with self-love and self-acceptance

8. How do you handle past relationship baggage or emotional wounds?

A. I've processed and healed from past wounds

B. I'm still working on healing, but I'm making progress

C. Past wounds continue to affect my current relationships

9. How do you express love and affection toward your loved ones?

A. I'm openly affectionate and express my love frequently

B. I show affection, but I'm not always comfortable with it

C. I find it challenging to express love and affection

10. Do you believe in the possibility of finding lasting love?

A. Absolutely, I'm hopeful about finding lasting love

B. I'm not sure, but I'm open to the idea

C. I'm skeptical about the possibility of lasting love

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