What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About You

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 1067
What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About You
Our zodiac signs say a lot about ourselves. They define our behavior, what our future will be and what our love matches could be. Overall, some signs tell us that we are smart, some tell us that we are somewhat passive or aggressive. To know about your zodiac sign is interesting, but are you sure you’ve used all the predictions that were made about your zodiac sign? And have these predictions been right? If you are not sure take our quiz and find out now.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you consider yourself to have aggressive tendencies?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No, nit at all

D. Maybe, but you're not sure

2. How do you fight adversity?

A. You don't fight you give up

B. You compromise

C. You impose yourself

D. You don't fight right away, because you have to come up with a skeem in hiding

3. How many friends do you have overall?

A. One

B. Two

C. More than four

D. None

4. Do you have the most fun by yourself or around people?  

A. By yourself

B. Around people

C. It doesn't matter because you can manage both situations

D. You don't really know

5. What is your biggest strength? 

A. Your ability to give things a try

B. Your ability to keep calm for long

C. Your ability to reinvent yourself

D. Your ability to give everybody a chance

6. Do you consider yourself as an ambitious person?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. Most of the time

7. Is it hard for you to build long lasting relationships?

A. Yes

B. No

C. You only build very short ones

D. It's not that it's difficult, you just don't want to

8. It’s not that it’s difficult, you just don’t want to

A. Yes

B. No

C. Sometimes

D. Most of the time

9. What do you think is your biggest weakness?

A. Too much self-confidence

B. Too much secrecy

C. Too many ambitions

D. Too much trust in people

10. Do you often plan goals?

A. Yes, all the time

B. Yes, sometimes

C. No never

D. You would like to do it, but just don't know how to do it

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