Intimacy Quiz- How Sexually Intimate Is Your Relationship?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 6239
Intimacy Quiz- How Sexually Intimate Is Your Relationship?
Sex and Intimacy in a relationship are some of the most important things. There is no healthy relationship without intimacy and the sex. Frequency is not the only thing that's important. To find out how your sexual and intimate relationship is, take this quiz:

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you think about roleplay?

A. We both love it.

B. He loves it.

C. It's not for us.

D. Role play is for people who have sex. Not for us.

2. Have you told your secret sex fantasies to your partner?

A. Almost all of them, we practice some of them.

B. Just one and we did it.

C. No, but I'd like to. Someday maybe.

D. No, they are fantasies, they are not meant to be practiced.

3. Where do you have sex?

A. Home, public, everything is on the table. On the kitchen table too.

B. The bed is my favorite, but other places are fine too.

C. Strictly bed, everything else is just nonsense.

D. We don't have sex.

4. How often you and your partner have sex?

A. Almost daily.

B. Once or twice a week.

C. Once or twice a month.

D. We do it sometimes when there's a holiday or something.

5. Do you daydream about your partner?

A. Every day.

B. Sometimes when he texts me something sexy.

C. It happened once or twice.

D. No.

6. Do you have sex in the dark or light?

A. Is there any difference?

B. I prefer dark, but I don't mind if there's light.

C. Only dark.

D. If we do it, only dark and possibly with some clothes on.

7. What do you do after sex?

A. Laugh, cuddle, eat naked, whatever we feel like.

B. Watch TV.

C. Sleep.

D. Get dressed and do something else.

8. How would you rate the quality of the sex?

A. Everything I've ever dreamed of.

B. Great.

C. Could be better.

D. I'd rather do something else than having sex with my partner.

9. Do you feel comfortable when you're naked in front of your partner?

A. Of course. He knows me the best, why wouldn't I be.

B. Yes, but I don't like being naked in front of him.

C. Only when the lights are out.

D. No, I don't.

10. Do you sometimes laugh during sex?

A. Yes, it happens very often, we laugh together.

B. It happened a few times.

C. No.

D. I laugh when he asks me if I want to have sex with him. The answer is no.

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