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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 6239
How Sexually Intimate Is Your Relationship Quiz

In a romantic relationship, sexual intimacy is a vital component that evolves and changes over time. This quiz is carefully crafted to help you reflect on various aspects of your sexual relationship with your partner.

Whether it's communication about desires, comfort levels in intimacy, or overall satisfaction, our questions aim to provide insights into how you both connect on a sexual level. Ideal for couples looking to understand and enhance their sexual bond, this 'How sexually intimate is your relationship' quiz is a step towards deeper, more fulfilling intimacy.

Let's explore the unique dynamics of your relationship and uncover ways to strengthen your intimate connection.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you think about roleplay?

A. We both love it

B. My partner loves it

C. It's not for us

D. Role play is for people who have sex. Not for us.

2. Have you told your secret sex fantasies to your partner?

A. Almost all of them and we've tried many of them

B. Just one and we did it

C. No, but I'd like to do that someday

D. No, they are fantasies, they are not meant to be practiced

3. How do you initiate sex with your partner?

A. Verbally express my desire

B. Use physical gestures or touches

C. Wait for my partner to initiate

D. We rarely or never initiate sex

4. How do you feel about trying new things in bed?

A. Always excited to experiment

B. Open to it if my partner suggests

C. Prefer sticking to what we know

D. Not interested in trying new things

5. How do you resolve disagreements about sex?

A. Open communication and compromise

B. Usually one of us gives in

C. Avoid discussing it

D. Disagreements often remain unresolved

6. What role does physical affection play in your relationship outside of sex?

A. We frequently hug, kiss, and hold hands, and are affectionate

B. We're affectionate sometimes, but not overly

C. Physical affection is minimal or reserved for private moments

D. We rarely show physical affection outside of sex

7. How do you feel after being intimate with your partner?

A. Closer and more connected

B. Generally positive, but it varies

C. Indifferent or no significant change

D. More distant or uncomfortable

8. Where do you have sex?

A. Home, public, everything is on the table

B. The bed is my favorite, but other places are fine too

C. Strictly bed, as everything else is just nonsense

D. We don't have sex

9. How often do you and your partner have sex?

A. Almost daily

B. Once or twice a week

C. Once or twice a month

D. We do it sometimes when there's a holiday or something

10. Do you daydream about your partner?

A. Every day

B. Sometimes when they text me something sexy

C. It has happened once or twice

D. No

11. Do you have sex in the dark or light?

A. Is there any difference

B. I prefer dark, but I don't mind if there's light

C. Only dark

D. If we do it, only dark and possibly with some clothes on

12. What do you do after sex?

A. Laugh, cuddle, eat naked, or whatever we feel like

B. Watch TV

C. Sleep

D. Get dressed and do something else

13. How would you rate the quality of the sex?

A. Everything I've ever dreamed of

B. Great

C. Could be better

D. I'd rather do something else than having sex with my partner

14. Do you feel comfortable when you're naked in front of your partner?

A. Of course, why wouldn't I be

B. Yes, but I don't like being naked in front of my partner

C. Only when the lights are out

D. No, I don't

15. Do you sometimes laugh during sex?

A. Yes, we often laugh together

B. It has happened a few times

C. No

D. I awkwardly laugh when they ask me if I want to have sex with them

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